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The Team of Raison d’Etre is growing with more creative, inspiring and talented people. Last year we had several new ones joining us and we have also some changes in the organization that we would like to share with you.

SabineSabine Itze

Sabine joined Raison d’Etre already a few years ago as a Project Manager. She has now taken a new role as a Project Director. She has spent more than 25 years in the Fitness and Spa Industry in various roles, including 5 star Spa management and 5 star Health Club Management in Europe, Asia, USA and in Africa. Sabines life philosophy is “How you do anything is how you do everything”, and she is wholeheartedly committed to providing the best results in everything that she does, in every moment and in every way that she knows how. Her attitude towards life is to be authentic, thankful, humble, hard working and when happy, then genuinly happy.

PhillippaPhillippa Taguchi

Philippa joined Raison d’Etre last year and has now taken the roll as Training Manager. She has worked in the spa industry since -93. She is a chiropractor and has also worked as a teacher for one of Sweden’s leading schools for spa therapists.Before joining Raison d’Etre she was the Deputy Spa Manager at the successful Japanese spa Yasuragi in Stockholm. Philippa will also works with HR related matters, particularly with recruitment to our spas around the world.

HanneHanne Standal-LaRoche

Hanne joined the Raison d’Etre team in spring 2014. Keywords to descirbe Hanne is service, organisation and structure! With a strong service-oriented background Hanne brings extensive office management expertise to the team from her most recent positions as operations manager and senior customer-service representative. She also has many years of spa and beauty industry experience from Sweden and the US, where she worked as a CIDESCO certified esthetician.

Hanne, Sabine and Phillippa are all based in our office in Stockholm, but especially Sabines’s desk is often empty as she is traveling the world to various exciting destinations and projects.

You will meet more creative souls from Team Raison d’Etre during the spring…



You never sleep – You never change – You are the city of tremendous wealth and tremendous poverty – You are the city of old money and new money – You are the city of possibilities and the city of judgement – You are the city of fear – You are the city of hope and the city of bold and courage – You make me humble – You make me thankful – You make me angry – I fall in love with You – You are the city of drama and Crazy – You are the city of funny Indian cab drivers – You are the city of crime and fraud – You are the city of mislead and swindle – You are the city of justice – You are the city that mirrors everything that I am and everything I can become and everything that I’m not – I fall out of love with You – You are the city of acceptance and the city of expectations – You are the city I want to live in – You are the city that I don’t understand –

You are my lover and you are my crucifixion. NYC

New York, you are a city made of people – I am because you are and I love you.

Sabine Itze


Just an ordinary thing – Wellness Advice from Ian Bell

We so often want things, people, places and experiences to be extraordinary. Ourselves too. We focus on something and by sheer force of will want it to be more than it is. This takes a huge amount of effort and if we do manage to create the illusion of extraordinariness, a lot of stress to maintain. 

Seeing things as they are, for what they are, celebrating the ordinariness of things allows us to appreciate the world and people around us without effort. And this makes for a much healthier emotional approach to life. My teacher once put it into these words: “The English word ‘just’ is a wonderful world. It’s just a piece of cake, not a substitute for anything. It’s just a job, not who you are”. 

Next time you are caught up in the stresses and dynamics of life, take a step back and see if you can find the ‘Just-ess’ of the situation. And then ask yourself if it couldn’t be dealt with just as easily if you recognised it’s ordinariness.


Ian Bell, Project Manager Raison d’Etre

From Baby Boomers to Gen-X leadership

For many years, those in the Baby Boomer generation have held the reins in most companies, leading the Generation X workers in the day-to-day activities. However, with the members of the Boomer generation ranging in age from 44 to 62 now, in just three short years the oldest of the Boomers will start exiting the workforce. And as the years tick by, more and more Boomers will be retiring, leaving the leadership reigns in many companies up for grabs.

What does this mean for Gen-Xers? Namely that they’ll be moving into leadership positions rapidly. In doing so, though, they’ll not only be leading their fellow Gen-Xers and the younger Millennial workers, but they’ll also be leading Baby Boomers and possibly some older workers from the veteran generation who are still in the workplace. It’s a leadership transition the likes of which corporate America has never seen before due to the stark differences in values between the two dominant generations.


In order for this to be a successful transition, you need to understand both how the younger people lead and how to harness their natural leadership style for the company’s best interests. After all, if these young leaders don’t have the right leadership skills in place, then the whole company is affected.

At the same time, you need to remember that business and society in general are changing, so it’s only natural that the next generation’s leadership style will change as well. In other words, Gen-Xers are not going to lead the way the Boomers did. They’re working in a different economy and business model, and they have different values and experiences that they bring to the table. So, you need to look at the future leadership of corporate America in a different light.

Whether you’re in the position of grooming Gen-Xers for future leadership roles within your organization or you’re suddenly being managed by a Gen-Xer, the following points will help you understand the younger leadership style, how to harness it and how it impacts everyone in the company.

1) Mentoring matters.

Gen-Xers are going to require mentoring before they even step into a leadership role. Aside from knowledge of how the company runs, they also need to understand what makes the people in the different generations tick and what is going to be most effective in terms of leading the various generations. Since many older workers mistakenly believe that Gen-Xers are lazy and don’t know what they’re doing, you need to help the new young leaders learn to come from a place of commonality so they can bring everyone together. Therefore, in your mentoring process, be sure to go over people skills, not just business processes. Help the new leaders understand what environment the Boomers and veterans grew up in and what values shape their world. This is important, because as the old saying goes, “You can’t always teach an old dog new tricks.” Gen-X leaders need to keep that in mind in their leadership approach. Truly great leaders know how to balance people and processes for the company’s overall good.

2) Open dialogue is key.

Gen-Xers want to get fast results. They’re focused on getting the job done, and to do that they rely heavily on technology and multi-tasking. They’re self-starters who prefer a collaborative environment. Boomers, on the other hand, are used to the leader giving a directive and then focusing on that one task until it’s done. Many still do tasks manually, or if they use technology, they don’t use it very effectively. However, if a Gen-Xer were to start telling their older staff what to do, it probably wouldn’t go over too well. The young leader would get a lot of resistance. Instead, Gen-Xers need to work on building trust. They need to come from a place of empowering the older worker by complimenting them on their knowledge and their past experience. Therefore, a good approach is to ask the older workers, “How do we want to handle this?” The new Gen-X leaders need to come from a place of “we” rather than “I.” When young leaders are open and ask the older workers their opinions rather than be assertive and tell them what to do, Gen-Xers are seeking to understand rather than to be understood. With open communication, people can overcome most resistance.

3) Value their values.

Gen-Xers are family oriented and place a high value on life balance. As such, they tend to get the job done and leave at 5 o’clock. Older workers, on the other hand, believe in working late. In their view, the more hours you put in, the more loyal and productive you are. The moral here is to not be surprised when the new Gen-X leader refuses to put in 15-hour days on a regular basis. And even though Gen-Xers tend to work only eight- or nine-hour days, they still get the job done because they value results rather than hours. Additionally, they grew up with technology and are comfortable using it. As such, they are always looking for the quickest way to do something. So rather than view Gen-Xers negatively for going home at 5 o’clock, see if you or the older workers on staff can learn a faster way to do something from the new Gen-X leader. Look at the measurable results Gen-Xers produce and understand the processes they use to achieve them. You might just learn a faster way to do something, which would enable everyone to go home at 5 o’clock for once.

4) Focus on retention.

In terms of retention, companies face two main challenges: 1) Older workers will leave, believing that the “young kids” have no idea how to lead, and 2) Gen-Xers will leave, feeling that no one at the company is taking them or their new leadership position seriously. Therefore, as the leadership transition emerges, companies need a retention program in place for both younger and older generations so they can keep the expertise in house and have future leaders. Remember that Boomers and Veterans have the knowledge and wisdom. They went through a lot of trial and error. Gen-Xers need these people as mentors. If turnover gets too high from either segment, you’ll lose a lot of knowledge and many future leaders, and the company will suffer. That’s why current leadership needs to understand what will keep people on board. For example, older workers tend to like monetary incentives, while younger workers tend to prefer time off. The more perks you can give people to stay with you, the stronger the company will be in the future.

About the author:
Anne Houlihan, president of Satori Seal

Top 10 Spa & Wellness Trends for 2015

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 13, 2015

Spafinder Wellness 365™ today released its 12th report on the top 10 spa and wellness trends set to unfold in 2015 and beyond. In the sea of trends lists appearing each new year, the company’s definitive spa and wellness industry forecast is unique for taking a global view of what’s trending across the wellness landscape—including spa experiences, fitness, beauty, travel, nutrition and corporate wellness—and for providing in-depth information about each trend. READ FULL REPORT

The report is developed by Spafinder Wellness, Inc. Research Director Beth McGroarty and Spafinder Wellness 365’s team of researchers, editors and industry experts. It is based on surveys with the company’s large network of consumers, travel agents and spa/wellness businesses conducted over the last year.

Top global spa and wellness trends for 2015

Fitness (1)

1. Forest bathing: Mindfulness meets nature

The Japanese concept of forest bathing (“shinrin-yoku’) has nothing to do with water. It revolves around a deceptively simple practice: quietly walking, with a mind intent on the sounds, scents, colors and “feel” of the forest. Poetic? Yes. But it’s the medical evidence that’s taking it global: Chemicals that trees emit (phytoncides) show a long-lasting impact on people’s immune system markers. Look for more “forest therapy” trails, more doctors prescribing time in forests, more forest bathing programming at spa retreats and more chic “wild forest/nature” resorts, with seemingly as many wilderness guides as in national parks.

Check out: Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee debuted their new “Deep Healing Woods” program and the stunning Treehotel in Sweden focuses on “the significance of trees for human beings.”

2. Cannabis: New spa and wellness connections

A wave of medical/recreational marijuana legalization is sweeping the United States—globally, Uruguay will be the first nation to legalize recreational usage in 2015. The upshot: An explosive “cannabusiness” market, giving this ancient, medicinal plant an upscale makeover. It’s moving from “dorm room to boardroom,” and new spa/wellness cannabis connections are proliferating. Look for more marijuana dispensaries adopting the look/services of spas; more cannabis “wellness tourism” with luxury spa experiences; new cannabis-branded day spas; more spas using non-high-inducing pain-relieving topicals and beauty products— and hemp seed and milk as hot superfoods.

Check out: One of the many spa-like dispensaries, such as Harborside Health Center in Oakland and San Jose, California, and Primal Wellness, the first “cannabis day spa” in Englewood, Colorado, and yoganja classes at House of Yoga in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

3. Wellness traditions from the Islamic world: Beyond hammams and argan oil

The world has been strikingly unable to “see” what the wellness traditions of the Islamic world offer (stretching from the Middle East to Africa and Asia), with its advanced food-as-medicine, and nature-based beauty and healing practices, refined for 1,000 years. But we predict more people will seek nutritional, beauty and “spa” traditions central to Islamic cultures in years ahead. Middle Eastern and African spices, grains and fruits will be the buzzed-about “superfoods,” ingredients used for both food and beauty—from camel’s milk to baobob fruit—will trend and spas will offer more experiences like rasul/mud treatments and sand bathing.

Check out: Blackseed-infused, Senegalese skin care line, Tiossan, the “Baobob Feel Good” treatment at London’s K West Hotel & Spa and the planned Zulal Destination Spa in Doha, Qatar, 2017), the first retreat to immerse guests in the well-being traditions from across the Islamic world.

4. Industrial revolution: Blue collar wellness

Free massage breaks for garment workers at a factory in Sri Lanka. A smartphone app connected to a wellness program at headquarters reminds long-haul truck drivers of healthy menu options. These aren’t happening yet—and the first wave of workplace wellness programs has focused narrowly on white-collar, management employees. But as employers battle the chronic disease, obesity, pain and musculoskeletal, and mental disabilities that can hit “blue collar” workers the hardest expect to see more wellness programs designed for them in the future — and a greater openness to participation by these workers.

Check out: Volkswagen’s “industrial athlete” fitness program and the results of PPG’s “Creating a Culture of Health Initiative” offered at manufacturing sites worldwide.

5. Wellness homes, communities and cities

In 2007 Spafinder named “spa real estate” a top trend…then the recession hit, and most “live-at-the-spa” developments crashed too. Now the wellness living market is roaring back but new developments take the concept of a healthy home much further. Delos Signature Homes (United States) “bakes in” dozens of wellness features: from air/water purification systems to circadian rhythm lighting. Entire towns/cities are master-planned around a 365-degree concept of wellness, and a new, global “Well Building Standard” aims to do for human health in the built environment what LEED did for sustainable building—and not just for homes, but offices, schools and hospitals. After centuries of real estate development myopically focused on “curb appeal,” now health is the new wealth.

Check out: Lake Nona, a vast wellness community in Orlando, Florida, offering every aspect of a “well-lived” life, or Avira Medini in Johor, Malaysia, 2015, where every generation lives “in the heart of wellness.”

6. My fitness. My tribe. My life: Super-social fitness

This trend takes a timeout from the manic “rowing is the new spinning” breed of trend-spotting to ponder a new sociocultural reality: More people’s boutique fitness brand/studio has become their “life.” Social fitness defines who you know, what you wear, where you travel—even how you raise your kids. But it’s a global loneliness epidemic, fueled by a surge in urbanization, single-person households, longer work hours, and lives spent in front of screens that will continue to spur the new directions for the “my fitness is my family” uber-trend.

Check out: Booze-less morning dance-fitness parties like Morning Gloryville in London or Daybreaker in Los Angeles.

7. Spa on arrival (and en route): The new travel ritual

It used to be that with vacation and business travel, spa treatments were perceived as a luxurious add-on. Now the new travel ritual is treatments—and other fitness/wellness experiences—done right at arrival, or en route at airports, to fight jetlag or to kick-start productivity. We’ll see the spa/wellness explosion at airports continue to take off; more hotels/spa resorts serving up free massages at check-in; more online apps and concierges that make booking on-arrival massages/classes easy; and more spas open later, earlier, and even 24/7.

Check out: Cheval Blanc Randheli‘s, Noonu Atoll, Maldives, free “Jet Lag Recovery” massage that kicks off all guest stay and an example of the new, superfine, public airport spas—Sha Wellness Clinic in El Albir, Alicante, Spain, one of the world’s top wellness retreats, is opening spas this March at the Madrid airport.

8. Hyperpersonalized beauty: Made-for-me will matter more

We’re no longer just consumers, we’re collaborators. In 2015 look for a shift from “this color looks good on me,” to “this color was made for me,” from “is this moisturizer the best for my skin?” to “this moisturizer is perfectly formulated for me.” In every corner of beauty care new opportunities to customize our primping and self-care experience will arise. We’ll see more beauty brands using in-store computer technology to create personalized solutions, more online skin coaching and more spas will let clients create bespoke everything.

Check out: Skin Authority’s online “Skin Coach on Demand” program, Mink, a personal 3D makeup printer using cosmetic-grade inks or Sha Wellness Clinic, El Albir, Alicante, Spain, where DNA testing identifies the right nutrients for your skin.

9. Gut reaction

“Listen to your gut…” usually means follow your best instincts, but it is one of the hottest trends for 2015. Look for an ongoing focus on the science of the gut and efforts to prove that by altering its make-up—aka “microbiome”—we can take our health and beauty to new levels, improve our immunity and resilience, reduce our chances for obesity and even create a happy and healthy mind. We’ll see more testing that proves the link between our gut and how we look and feel; there will be no stopping the proliferation of probiotics in what we drink, eat and put on our skin; and more spas (some of who have been on to this for decades) will offer ways to heal our leaking guts.

Check out: FX Mayr Health Center in Austria and Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts,“Gut Feelings: Gastrointestinal Health and Immune Function.”

10. Beyond the stars: Luxury redefined

Extraordinary affluence, an appetite for the different and new, a zeal for documenting #epic experiences and the search for solitude and silence are fueling a new trend: the quest for “Beyond the Stars” experiences—where air light and breathing room are the new luxury, and authentic and novel destinations are the Holy Grail of travel. With this shift, the luxury travel industry will be challenged to top itself with even more spectacular offerings and dazzle us with spectacular offerings and experiences.

Check out: The Fregate Island Resort in Seychelles, The Brando in French Polynesia, Amenoi Resort (Vietnam) the recently re-born Golden Door in San Marcos, California—and for extraordinary opulence, Antara Palace Wellness Destination Spa in Cyprus.

Find more information here:
Read the full report here: READ FULL REPORT

Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2015

New year, new possibilities and new trend prediciton! The hottest fitness trend in 2014 was High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which remians on the list but now as number two, as Body Weight Training takes the top spot.

Jari Ketola, Fitness Profile at LivNordic Spa & Fitness at Grand Hotel Stockholm

Jari Ketola, Fitness Profile at LivNordic Spa & Fitness at Grand Hotel Stockholm


1. Body Weight Training: Body weight training uses minimal equipment making it more affordable. Not limited to just push-ups and pull-ups, this trend allows people to get “back to the basics” with fitness.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. These exercise programs are usually performed in less than 30 minutes.

3.  Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals. Given the large number of organizations offering health and fitness certifications, it’s important that consumers choose professionals certified through programs that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), such as those offered by ACSM. ACSM is one of the largest and most prestigious fitness-certification organizations in the world.

4. Strength Training. Strength training remains a central emphasis for many health clubs. Incorporating strength training is an essential part of a complete exercise program for all physical activity levels and genders. (The other essential components are aerobic exercise and flexibility.)

5. Personal Training. More and more students are majoring in kinesiology, which indicates that they are preparing themselves for careers in allied health fields such as personal training. Education, training and proper credentialing for personal trainers have become increasingly important to the health and fitness facilities that employ them.

6. Exercise and Weight Loss. In addition to nutrition, exercise is a key component of a proper weight loss program. Health and fitness professionals who provide weight loss programs are increasingly incorporating regular exercise and caloric restriction for better weight control in their clients.

Grand Hotel Yogar Elin Pic

7. Yoga. Based on ancient tradition, yoga utilizes a series of specific bodily postures practiced for health and relaxation. This includes Power Yoga, Yogalates, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Anurara, Kundalini, Sivananda and others.

8. Fitness Programs for Older Adults. As the baby boom generation ages into retirement, some of these people have more discretionary money than their younger counterparts. Therefore, many health and fitness professionals are taking the time to create age-appropriate fitness programs to keep older adults healthy and active.

9. Functional Fitness. This is a trend toward using strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living. Functional fitness and special fitness programs for older adults are closely related.

10. Group Personal Training. In challenging economic times, many personal trainers are offering more group training options. Training two or three people at a time makes economic sense for the trainer and the clients.

GH Spa Juni10_0060The full list of top 20 trends is available in the article “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015: What’s Driving the Market.”

The American College of Sports Medicine is the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. More than 50,000 international, national and regional members and certified professionals are dedicated to advancing and integrating scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine.

ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® is an official publication of the American College of Sports Medicine, visit for more information. This journal is available from Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins at 1-800-638-3030

New year, new beginnings…

… is often equalized with planning and setting strategies. And talking about planning, have you set your spa’s marketing plan for 2015, including a plan for social media actions?

Today, social media is so important and such a big part of a company’s overall strategy, so it is a must to set a clear strategy for all activities in various social media channels. Social media has truly revolutionized the marketing field and there are unlimited possibilities and a lot of marketing action since social media can be almost free, but it can be very time consuming, so you have to handle it in a smart way, not to be overwhelmed. Therefore you have to set a clear strategy, now where and when to be active and you also have to know in which channels your target customers are present.

Sabine, one of the teachers in our Spa Management Online Programme shares some wise words about a spa’s need to set a strategy for marketing efforts in social media. Watch this video, a taster from our Marketing Course, which is a part of our Spa Management Online Program.

Want to learn more?
Join us for the first course of the year and start 2015 with a new beginning that might lead to your next step in the career. The course is filled with inspiration and tools, not only for managing a spa but also on a more personal level such as how to grow as a leader. Our first Spa Management Online programme for 2015 is starting 2nd of February.

For more information please contact:

Welcome to a new beginning!

Raison d’Etre Team

Winner announced for the Spa Management Program!

Winner badge Christmas Contest

I hope you have all had a wonderul start on 2015! I am very glad to finally announce our winner for the Blog Contest with a beautiful motivation is…


Warmly Welcome Martina, to Raison d’Etre and the world of Spa Management! Martina will get a free place for the Spa Management Online Program starting February 2nd 2015. A huge thank you to all of you that have participated and for all your well written motivations! Do not miss next chance and please follow this blog as well as our facebook (Click to the right) and Linkedin (Raison d’Etre Spas) for more updates and contests!

Happy and Healthy Regards,
Josefin Rooth

Education Manager

Raison d’Etre Awards – Best Skin Care 2014


SabineSabine Itze
Tata Harper Skin Care Line – Fantastic feeling that lasts long time after use, love the scent and texture. Hydrating Floral Essence and Boosting Countouring Serum are the favorites.

M Picaut (Swedish Skincare) – The expereince is mild, mindful and caring. The Sea Buckthorn Body Oil I have ever tried!

HanneHanne Standal La Roche
May Lindstrom -The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate, just wonderful!
Ivo Pitanguy – Ultimate Repair Creme, a true savior for my sensitive skin.

Josefin-RoothJosefin Rooth
Danielle de Winter – Rose Face oil (Pluie de Roses) and L’elixir Magic, gives my skin that perfect glowing look with cinderella effect.
Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream – such wonderul texture that melts into skin, hard to live without.
Terre d’Afrique – Facial Glow Oil and Gentle Face Scrub

MariaMaria Nystedt
Transderma Serum M – Transforms my skin! Wow! Improves skin texture and just makes my skin feel so good. For me the 30 ml serum was definitely the highlight for 2014, when it comes to skin care.
The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Serum and Gel, there is nothing like this combination when it comes to scent, texture, feel on skin, results… Old time favorites, but still going strong.

norNora Forsberg
Isgha Organic Scottish Seaweed – Antioxidant Marine Creme and Face Oil. Saved my skin during the winter season!
Caudalie – Vinosource Thist Quenching Serum – perfect base for every day use, real moisurizing effect.

piPhillippa Taguchi
HydroPeptide – The combination of day/night cream with serum is extraordinary. Transforms my dry skin and real actual result of fine lines. Peel 1 + 2 basically gives you a new face, amazing result.


AnnikaAnnika Jackson
Biologique Recherge: Several of the products are fantastic including the serums – very effective antiaging cream that feels fantastic both as moisturizing masque/night cream; Masque Creme Biofixine
Katresha Face & Scar Oil – fantastic SOS oil for just about anything!
Coola Organics: Great light suncsreen for face I daily use.


AnnaAnna Bjurstam
Transderma Organic Vitamin Skin Care Serums C & A
Tata Harper – The whole line is just wonderul, a true Raison d’Etre favorite!

Find more information and retailers here:

Seasonal Greetings from Raison d’Etre and LivNordic!


During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to
 all the people who have light lights and made our success during 2014 possible. From LivNordic on behalf of the whole Team at Raison d’Etre we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2015!

Our Christmas gift this year goes to Great Andoh School in Ghana for continued success providing a home and new future for children.

Great andoh

Open your eyes and relax

I met with a selection of 21 high quality spa suppliers at the Global Spa Meetings Middle East last week. It fills my heart with joy, how everybody is aiming for making the guests experience even greater and one of the suppliers captured my mind and heart somewhat more then the others:


underwater 01_fuer web

berg 01 fuer web






Amongst other things, Livinglobe are the producers of the Vidarium Wellness Video Dome and their slogan is brilliant:

Open your eyes and relax. I know, read it again and just feel the juice of it.

For me, it started a whole chain of thoughts and questions on the subject of wellness, and that is exactly was I was looking for going to the Spa Meetings in the first place. I was looking for something that invites me to think differently than before, something that starts my creative process on what wellness means in the industry and of course what it means to me.

I ask you this: How often do you open your eyes and actively view and rest your eyes on what you see, and allowing yourself to completely be present and relax in that moment?

Whatever your answer is, my answer unfortunately was, that far to often I look at something or look at someone, but I don’t allow the short time it takes to relax my breathing, taking in and be totally present with what’s in front of me. At times, I even catch myself thinking about my next step, and not only does that make me not see, it also makes me not hear because I am unable to listen when in a state of absence.

With the Vidarium Wellness Video Dome, we, who provide wellness for people and through that give them the opportunity to enhance their lifestyles, are given a great product and it will complement and enhance the spa experience. I picture the video dome as an active pre or post treatment relaxation room, I picture it as a treatment of it’s own where you can go together as a group or by yourself. The good thing is that you can choose what kind of theme you want projected on the screen and secure that it will fit your unique spa concept and design.





Who knows, through this great product, we might even be able to help change people’s lives outside of the wellness centers more. It might help them to slow down in life, it might help them to be more present simply by having practiced:

‘Open your eyes and relax’.

I wish for it.

Sabine Itze

P.S. If you want to know more:


Christmas Contest – Win an exclusive place for the Spa Management Online Program!

To celebrate nearly three successful years providing online education, we want to give away one exclusive and complimentary place on the first Spa Management Course for 2015, starting 2nd of February. Maybe you are the one who will start the new year with studying spa management and develop your leadership talent?

The Spa Management Online Program is an in-depth spa management course that runs for 14 weeks and consists of seven modules, tailor made for the future spa leader. The program aims to help students to achieve the best tools, ideas and strategies for their spa business and their personal leadership development. The program is flexible and as a student you can study wherever you are, whenever you can and in whatever pace that suits your schedule and work.

Why not take the chance to grow and develop you leadership during 2015? To participate in Raison d’Etre’s christmas blog contest you will need to answer following questions:

1. Which seven modules do the course contain
2. Describe, with maximum 150 words why you should be the lucky winner and get a place on Raison d’Etre’s Spa Management Program, starting February 2nd 2015.

To find necessary information about the course, browse to our web:

E-mail your answers to us before 22nd of December and we will announce the lucky winner in the beginning of January! (The price value is Euro 1250.)

Send your answer to: , name the email: Christmas Contest
Best of luck and Seasonal Greetings!

/ Spa Management Team



Do you want to travel around the world and meet new cultures and people?

Liv Nordic jobAre you looking for a new employment opportunity? Would you also like to travel around the world? Then we might have something interesting for you.

Raison d’Etre’s own spa concept, LivNordic, offers a blend of proven Nordic health traditions combined with the latest in spa and wellness. LivNordic focuses on Scandinavian designs, Nordic body and beauty treatments, Nordic bathing rituals and specialized fitness and wellness concepts.

Connectivity to nature, a healthy lifestyle, beauty and sound mindfulness are characteristics that define the Nordic people. A LivNordic spa pursues holistic wellbeing by drawing on the rich resources that the Nordic culture, both traditional and contemporary, has to offer.

LivNordic by Raison d’Etre will now open a brand new spa on a luxurious cruise ship. Do you want to travel around the world and meet new cultures and people? Then this job is for you.

We are currently looking for passionate and professional therapists who are open minded, willing to grow, enjoy a high and fast paced working environment, are dedicated to caring for colleagues and guests and are interested in embracing the LivNordic concept. We are creating a small and effective team where everybody will be responsibly for all aspects of the spa, guest services and the team.

You will have the opportunity to see the world while working in an amazing and diverse environment that brings together different nationalities and cultures. At the same time you will gain a once in a lifetime experience and become a fantastically skilled SPA-professional.

We are looking for Beauty Therapists, Massage therapists, Personal trainers, Nail technicians and Hair-dressers. Multi-skilled therapists are preferable.

Required skills: Genuine, friendly, service oriented attitude with a strong desire to always have the guests best interests at 
heart. A high level of both written and spoken English is required. Ability to work to a high standard at a fast pace while offering exceptional quality. 
We are looking for people who can sign up for at least two 6 – 8 month contracts with a one-month break in-between. Professional qualifications required: NVQ, ITEC, CIDESCO or equivalent

Would you be willing to embrace the LivNordic concept and become a LivNordic spokesman/women? If interested, please submit a cover letter explaining why you would be the best person for the job and your CV, including references, to:

We look forward hearing from you!

Spa Management student working and studying in Davos

IMG_0688Meet one more of the students from the Spa Manager Online Program that is currently running; Izabella Kummer. Izabella is working as Spa Supervisor for InterContinental in Davos.

Why did you choose Raison d’Etre Spa Management Online Program? I first got to know Raison d’Etre as a spa consultancy company and I got a very positive impression about their work. They seemed to be professional and updated about the latest global spa trends. Beside my MScBA Tourism study I wanted to gain more knowledge about the spa world and something more practical and hands on. I was very concerned about having enough time for studying, but since everything is online this problem was easily solved.

The course started a while ago, how was the start? The start was very interesting, especially the marketing part. It was very inspiring. It was also right away helpful for me in my daily work at the spa.

How do you find the course so far? I think it is a perfect mixture of theory and practice. Even though I’m working in spas since years some things are still new to me and some things are just good to hear again as they reassure my personal opinions and theories.

Which subject are you working on currently? Currently I am working on the Finance part, which I find very important.

When do you normally study, watch the lectures (videos) etc? Usually I watch the videos at night (after work), because they are rather easy and entertaining and I write my assignments during the day.

What subjects / areas are you mostly looking forward to study during the course? Marketing, finance and leadership.

Do you have any advice to those who are considering participating in this course? I can highly recommend the Online Program to everyone who is already working in the spa business and considering to step into a new role. I also think it is useful for those who are already working as spa managers, because the spa market is rapidly changing, so it’s always necessary to be updated. The course is good value for your money.

 Thank you Izabella for sharing your thoughts on the Spa Manager Course!


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