Thoughts from our new Course Manager

NikosRaison d’Etre’s Online Spa Management Program has been a success from the start and still continues to bring students from all over the world to participate in the Online Program.

As from September we have a new Course Manager taking over after Josefin Rooth, who now works as Project Manager for Raison d’Etre.

Nikos Kouremenos is our new Course Manager and we would like to extend a warm welcome to his new role. He was previously working as Area Spa Director in Soma Bay, Egypt. Managing all spa services there, with 3 spas and a total of 80 treatment rooms. Welcome Nikos!

What do you, Nikos see is the future for our Online Spa Management program and what are the plans for further development of the Raison d’Etre’s Spa Business Education?

Nikos: – The Vision of Raison d’Etre is to light lights, which means that we aim for every person we meet to light a light.

The Mission of Raison d’Etre is to grow people and enhance wellness in a sustainable and profitable framework, through providing accessible online education for talents within the spa and wellness sector.

So, following those two company pillars and having spas as a passion, we aim to inspire, motivate, develop and grow talented people within the spa and wellness sector, with our online education where we support and follow up on each student’s personal development.

Following the global boom of the spa industry and sensing the tremendous need for well-educated spa managers and well-trained spa staff we are going through our Development Plan for 2016, which includes: New individual courses and a new web education portal. We are also working on Alumni for graduates of our program, for networking purpose. We will also launch new courses and follow up programs for the once who have attended the Spa Management Online Program. There are a lot of new things coming up during 2016, says Nikos Kouremenos.

What do you see, as a new Course Manager, is unique for the way Raison d’Etre’s spa management program is done? Nikos summarizes:

  • TAILOR-MADE COURSES: We can tailor-make the online course for your company, country or management level and make it individual for every participant.
  • QUALITY & EXPERIENCE OF RDE STAFF: Raison d’Etre was founded over 12 years ago, our course leaders have experience in all facets of the spa and wellness industry and considered experts worldwide. We have educated over a 180 spa managers the past 8 years. We not only consult, but also own and operate our own Spas and therefore offer solid operational experience and reality based training in our courses.
  • TIME & PLACE FLEXIBILITY: All studying is online and you will be able to study whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • UNIQUE & PRACTICAL BENEFITS: You will leave with a customized Business plan for your own spa. You will obtain all the key steps for spa management success. You will receive personal feedback and support in your management development
  • MARKET RELEVANT & UP-TO-DATE: The Spa Management Online Program is truly market-oriented, updated yearly after global spa management research and is created by senior industry experts.
  • OPEN: Anyone can attend, either from within the spa/wellness/fitness industry or from outside the industry, wishing to explore and gain a better insight.

Next course start 2nd of November. Raison d’Etre has decided to donate €50 to the Red Cross, for each student starting the Spa Management Online course Q4 2015 and Q1 2016.

For all our German friends and readers

bild-115In the latest issue of German Spa Business Magazine our colleague Maria Nystedt writes about her experiences as a Spa Manager in the Maldives.

“Little did I know what to expect that early morning when I landed on the tiny landing strip of Male Airport. I was dazzled by the strong and bright sunlight and the turquoise water that seemed to be everywhere around the airport”.

“For me, working in the Maldives, was a once in a lifetime experience and I learnt so much. Not only to work with, and understand different cultures, but also to learn to constantly find new strategies for new situations that needed to be solved.”


The article can be found in the latest issue (3 / 2015).

Networking and business in Dubai

In mid-September I had the opportunity to visit SPATEC Middle East, in beautiful Dubai. The venue, The Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina was a peaceful luxury resort and spa settled on the Jumeirah Beach.

The SPATEC was attended by around 70 suppliers and buyers form well establishes professional companies. It was a very well organised and operators, directors and suppliers participate in a series of one-on-one meetings over two dedicated business days. Throughout the event networking was taken to a whole new level. Because SPATEC takes place in an exclusive venue away from the pressures of the office. It’s focused, productive and offers networking in both formal and relaxed environments to maximize every moment spent at the event.

I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Carolina Moquist, Spa Director at our next LivNordic Spa at the Cayan Tower in Dubai, which soon will have its grand-opening. It is in the final stages and one could really see that this will be a stunning flagship spa for LivNordic development in the Middle East.

This was my first SPATEC since I joined Raison d’Etre and I was amazed in how organized the event was. The hotel, the meals and the panel, everything was very professional. I’ve made great connections and can’t wait for the next one.



IMG_2105 IMG_2093

Spas located in hotels – Marketing Actions to consider

nordic c hotelIf you are managing a spa, located in a hotel, there are some marketing actions and activities that are particularly important to consider. One strategy to keep in mind is something we call; Internal marketing. One way to describe Internal Marketing is: Promoting the spa to people who already know about your business and actually already works (in a way) for your business.

We are talking about the hotel staff! By also treating them as a type of customer or target group, they will learn about the spa and by that be the perfect ambassadors for your business. So don’t forget about them!

The rationale behind internal marketing is that a hotel or resort spa can, and need to use its own employees (or the hotel employees) to promote the services.

How can this be done? First of all, ensure that you as a spa manager can and are allowed to attend all new hotel staff induction-training sessions. So you can introduce yourself and present your spa and explain the concept, services and the experience. All the new hotel staff should have a tour of the spa facilities. This should be a standard for each hotel and resort spa.

Regularly plan for “Spa News presentations” for hotel staff, so you have the possibility to inform about new treatments and services. It is important that the hotel staff, particularly Guest relations team and Front desk team are aware and updated on all new things happening in the spa. Why? Because they are the ones who meet all your potential guests – DAILY! And they are the ones who can guide the guests to the spa.

By doing mini-training sessions for hotel staff they will feel that they are informed, inspired and involved in the spa business. When you feel you have knowledge and inspiration you can also easily explain and speak from the heart about the services! We believe inspiration and involvement are important key factors!

And why not, in low season, or when spa is less busy, invite hotel staff to experience the spa and the treatments. At least one time, so they can fully understand the service and the experience. Maybe some of the front desk team members never have been in a spa before?

Some hotels work a lot with cross training. Cross training is a great source for motivation and learning, but most of all we see that it creates awareness and understanding among the employees. It creates understanding for each other’s business and daily challenges and it creates a team feeling.

There are much more actions and activities that can be done when it comes to internal marketing. So why not include a section in your next marketing plan that is called Internal Marketing? Which actions would you add to this list?

Would you like to study Spa Marketing more in depth? Raison d’Etre’s Spa Management Program dedicates a great part of the Program to Marketing (internal and external), Social Media, PR and of course we guide you to create a complete business plan. Our last Spa Management Program for the year starts 2nd of November. For more information please feel free to contact Course Manager Nikos Kouremenos at

The picture: An inspiring reception desk and lobby in Stockholm. Picture is borrowed from Nordic C Hotel in Stockholm.

Save the date!


Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education is proud sponsor of the Global Wellness Summit, the annual event that attracts international leaders and visionaries and is taking place at The St. Regis Mexico City from November 13-15. The agenda will focus on the theme of “Building a Well World.”

“Sponsorship is the lifeblood of the Summit. As one of the leading spa- and wellness companies, that also offers Online Spa Management Programs, we are proud to include Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education as one of this year’s sponsors,” said Michelle Gamble, GWS’s VP of Global Business Development.

“Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education is thrilled to be supporting the first-ever Global Wellness Summit in Latin America with our sponsorship of the Knowledge Workshop where we will present a new and Revolutionary way to make training profitable,” said Anna-Cari Gund, Managing Director Raison d’Etre. “To collaborate with an organization that is focused on promoting a healthier world is a privilege“

This year’s Summit is shaping up to be the most successful ever with unprecedented support from industry leaders around the world and an expected record number of attendees.

“We are grateful to the companies that step up to work closely with us to make this event possible and work with us to shape and define our industry,” said Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the GWS.

The Summit is widely recognized as the premier gathering of business, government and academic leaders across the wellness, travel, technology, medical and spa industries – and for its high-profile, keynote speakers and innovative agenda, industry research, Global Wellness Tourism Congress and business networking opportunities.

Anna-Cari Gund and Anna Bjurstam will host the Knowledge Workshop 12th of November. Save the date!

Raison d’Etre welcomes new Area Spa Director to Soma Bay, Egypt

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Tanya Talreja as the new Area Spa Director for Cascades Spa & Thalasso at Soma Bay in Egypt. Tanya has taken over the roll recently, after Nikos Kouremenos, who is now leading Raison d’etre Spa Business Education.


Welcome Tanya to your new position as Area Spa Director in Soma Bay, what is your background?

An International Luxury Spa, Salon & Fitness Developer and Managing Director with a background in development. My experience is chiefly in the luxury spa, beauty, wellness, fitness and spa management field. I have both worked as a spa manager, director, and development director. The companies that I have worked with have references of the best hotels and spaces in the world.

What is your role today and what will be your main focus?

My current role is Area Spa Director for 3 different luxurious spa properties; La Residence des Cascades (soon to be Westin Soma Bay Golf Resort & Spa), Kempinski Soma Bay Hotel, and lastly Robinson Club. Some desks/ huts/ cabanas in the area are also under the companies’ management. “. The spas are operated in co-operation with Raison D’Etre. Each of the hotels mentioned has a spa location that I handle in all aspects.  Developing each wellness property continues to be a long-term goal, turning a client’s spa visualization into a reality through total wellness solution in fitness & wellness approach.

What do you see is unique in Soma Bay Spa?

I think the most notable is the potential for all locations in Soma Bay to become worldwide destination spas. For people from around the world to enjoy the signature services offered. But most notably; one of the spa locations; has facilities that span over an area of 7,500 SQM! It is one of the largest spas in the world. The unrivalled centrepiece of the spa is the 750 m2 Thalasso-Tonic Hydrotherapy Pool containing 830 m3 of sea water, sub-divided into a number of distinct zones.

There is an array of luxurious face, body, water, hair, nail treatments, and even soon to be a healthy spa cuisine and beverage bar to suit each our ever expanding offers for our guests.

What made you decide to start working in Soma Bay Egypt?

I enjoy adventure and working in various places around the world, after my initial visit I discovered the unsurpassed beauty of turquoise waters surrounding the whole peninsula. The beauty was a great seller on taking the position, as well as the amount of creativity, and responsibility that the job provides. Soma Bay is surrounded on all sides by the sea; the resort boasts picturesque sandy beaches, panoramic views of the turquoise colored sea, Desert Mountains and Blue Skies. Including championship golf courses coveted diving and kite surfing activities. Only 4 hours flight from Central Europe, and 45 kilometres from Hurghada International Airport, with year round sunshine.

We wish Tanya and her teams all the best for a successful business and at the same time we welcome new spa guests to discover the beauty and services of the spas that Tanya is leading.

Business Plan for Spas

Spa M ADNot many people outside the inner circle of the spa industry truly understand the many talents a spa manager must have to lead a spa to success. Not only do the spa manager need an understanding of the spa business, the financial fundamentals, but also have an in depth insight of therapies and what it’s like to conduct 8 treatments a day! And then, as if this is not enough, the leader of a spa also need to have both knowledge in people and leadership skills.

So what tool can be the road map for a spa manager to lead a spa to its success? We would definitely say the Business Plan!

Business Plan 

A Business Plan is all about how to lead the spa to success – Maximizing profitability, through finding out where you are at right now, where you are going and how to get there.

The Business plan is really the core of our Online Spa Management Program. In our Spa Management Program we will help you to find the right strategies to maximize your spa’s profitability and not settling with good, but reaching great. We will also show how important communication is and challenge you to confront brutal facts, and finally we highlight the importance of fostering a culture of discipline.

In our Spa Management Program you have the opportunity to create a complete business plan for your own spa, parallel with all the lectures. The Business Plan will include all essential headings and content, everything from KPI’s to USPs, to the Marketing Plan and Human Capital Management Plan and P&L…and more.

We will guide your through all the elements and you will even get individual feedback on your personal business plan. The teacher team will go through each and everyone of the student’s Business Plans and review and get back with accurate feedback, inspiration and knowledge. This method (with individual feedback) is one of our USPs!

Finally we would like to share some general advices when working on a Business Plan for a Spa:

  • Use a business plan to set concrete goals, responsibilities, and deadlines to guide your business.
  • A good business plan assigns tasks to people or departments and sets milestones and deadlines for tracking implementation.
  • As part of the implementation of a business plan, it should provide a forum for regular review and course corrections.
  • Good business plans are practical.
  • When creating a business plan, we strongly recommend involving the whole team in the creation, which will facilitate understanding and agreement on the goals and how to get there.
  • The main goal is to draw the map and the way to get there…

Would you like to, once and for all, get an in depth understanding of all important KPIs and leadership strategies, at the same time as you create a Business Plan for your spa? Then Raison d’Etre’s Spa Business Education might just be what you are looking for.

We provide On-line Education- and Spa Management Programs for the future spa leaders and therapists. The successful Spa Management Program is fully flexible, hands-on and market-orientated. All our programs are created by senior industry experts with solid operational experience who really know what the growing spa and wellness industry needs in its future leaders.

Next course starts September 28th.

For more information please contact us here:

Testimonial: “I now feel I have the frame and the essentials to succeed. I am glad to have invested in this course,  although I have an MBA on International Business. The content was detailed and extremely straight to the point. No time lost, perfect for me.”
– Angela Vieira, Florida

That “wow” feeling…

When did you last time feel ”wow”, after a spa treatment? Do you know what exactly made you feel ”wow”? I think one of the best ways to develop as a therapist and to improve the treatments and services at your spa is to actually visit other spas and experience as many treatments as possible. This is the way you truly feel what to do and not to do.

But how do you know if a treatment is way beyond good or average? For me a treatment is like a journey, which actually already starts outside the treatment room, already when planning the treatments and reading the spa menu. And it is not complete until the guest has received product recommendations and is enjoying the relaxation room.

But still, what differs a beyond ordinary treatment from just another massage? I think it is all in the hands of the therapist and how present and mindful one can be. As a guest you definitely feel if the therapist is “not in the room”, rather thinking about what he or she will be doing after work or worrying about the next treatment… All the stressful thoughts in the mind of a therapist can unfortunately be felt in the hands.

Nordic Facial (high res Colorurbox)Another thing that impacts the treatment experience is that the mind and body needs time to gradually calm down. It is difficult for the mind to change into a calm state right away, coming from a hectic outside world. Therefor it is essential for the therapists and the spa team to consider how to help the guests to wind down before the treatment?

Of course we can do this by just asking guests to arrive 15 minutes earlier, but can we add something more in the treatments to enhance the process of calming the senses? Can we do small talk and a hand massage as a start, instead of just placing the guest on the treatment table and start right away…would that make a difference?

The same goes with the ending. There is nothing worse than a treatment ending abruptly, from the deepest state of relaxation and in one second the therapist is done… Try to add some highlights in the end of a treatment, that give hints that the treatment is soon over and that it is time to wake up. But hints that gives a “wow feeling”…

Can you add hot compress on the feet and a gentle foot massage at the end, or can you end with a soft scalp massage? Sometimes it may be enough just to place the hands on the guest’s shoulder for a while and stay there… And then (of course) slowly, slowly increase the intensity from the lights…

A small gesture that gives a lot of impact is, when the therapist has kept the bathrobe on a towel heater, so it’s warm and cosy as you get dressed after the treatment. It is nothing magic, but just a very comforting gesture, as many guests may feel a bit cold getting up from the warm treatment table.

And another way of creating a “wow sensation” is tailor-making. It may sound easy and obvious, but to make a treatment feel really tailor-made it takes some effort. As a therapist you have to ask the right questions, listen to your guest and sometimes even listen between the lines to fully understand what your guest is looking for. Practice listening, rather than talking and you are one large step closer to being able to truly offer tailor-made experiences.

What about you? How do you create “wow-treatments”? Please feel free to share your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.


LivNordic Spa in Spa Business

bild-113In Spa Business Magazine, issue 3 2015, you find an interesting piece about the new LivNordic Spa on board Viking Ocean Cruises. Our first LivNordic Spa at sea!

The spa opened in May, earlier this year, on board the brand new Viking Star. The cruise line has a Scandinavian heritage, so it’s a perfect match with Viking Cruises and LivNordic.

The spa on board is based on the principles of Nordic wellbeing and lifestyle. There is a large hydrothermal area, inspired by Nordic bathing traditions, including alternating hot and cold experiences. And the LivNordic Spa offers the first snow grotto at sea!

Enjoy a glimpse from the brand new LivNordic Spa on board Viking Star.


Spa 1

New job opportunity – immediate opening!

Soon to open – A new luxury spa in Cairo, Egypt and we are looking for talented therapists with 5 star international experience.

The Spa is about 2,500 sqm with a separate fitness area. It is located in a high end, exclusive residential area, nearby a golf course overlooking the Pyramids.

We are looking for experienced therapists, male/female, beauticians and an Assistant Spa Manager.

Would you like to know more? Are ready for the next step in your career?

Don’t hesitate to send us your CV as soon as possible:

Picture: Cairo by night. Picture borrowed from Minamar Hotels & Travel

Time in a Sauna is well-spent time…

shutterstock_197243450Most of us feel good after a sauna session and we know it is good for the circulatory system and the detoxification. We know that that time in sauna is well-spent time, when it comes to health benefits.

A new study, published earlier this year proofs this. The study suggests that men who engaged in frequent sauna use had reduced risks of fatal cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality, according to an article published online by JAMA Internal Medicine. Dr. Jari Laukkanen M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio and his colleagues investigated the association between sauna bathing and the risk of SCD, fatal coronary heart disease (CHD), fatal CVD and all-cause mortality in a group of 2,315 middle-aged men (42 to 60 years old) from Finland.

The team found that men who engaged in 2-3 sauna bathing sessions each week were 22% less likely to experience sudden cardiac death, 23% less likely to experience fatal CHD and were at 27% lower risk of CVD death and 24% lower risk of all-cause mortality, compared with men who used a sauna once a week.

Men who had 4-7 sauna sessions benefited even more; they were at 63% lower risk of sudden cardiac death, 48% lower risk of CHD death, 50% lower risk of CVD death and were 40% less likely to die from all causes, compared with those who had one sauna session a week.

In addition, the researchers found that the duration of sauna sessions appeared to influence results. They found that, compared with men who spent less than 11 minutes in a sauna, those who spent more than 19 minutes in a sauna were at 52% lower risk.

For us in Scandinavia quality time in a sauna, followed by a cold dip in a lake one way to achieve high levels of health. Why not join us and enjoy the Nordic lifestyle and wellbeing in LivNordic Spa’s bathing experiences, where the sauna and cold experiences are the basis for inducing deep relaxation and wellbeing…


The Art of Spa Menus

Which tool is one of the most important sales tool in a spa? The spa menu! Why? Because it can increase sales tremendously in a spa. Spa menus can be amazingly inspirational and they can also be totally boring. If a spa menu is structured and written in a good way it can really boost the bookings and capture ratio, so let’s look at some basic rules on how to structure your menu.


Do you know your target group and spa guests? First of all, look at your treatment statistics and analyze your guests. Who is coming to your spa and what do they want? This information is extremely important in order to know how to structure the spa menu and what offerings you should include.

It should be easy to find treatments. This may sound very basic, but do some research and look at your competitor’s spa menus. You might be surprised how difficult it can be to find the treatments you are looking for and the price for them.

Ensure your spa menu is written in an easy way. Ask a friend (who is not working in the spa business) to read and give feedback. Ensure that the treatment description includes the benefits of the treatment and the results. The guest wants to understand; what’s in it for me? Research has shown that guests want to understand what the treatment is and the benefit. If you can describe this in an easy, understandable way – you will sell better.

Less is more, especially when it comes to spa menus. Minimize the menu! Any treatment that sells less than 1-2% of total treatments should be taken off the menu. Too many treatments will just be confusing and make it difficult for the guest.

Double check that your printed spa menu and the online spa menu includes;

  • Practical information (regarding the visit)
  • Opening Hours
  • Cancellation policies
  • Other amenities that the guest can enjoy in the spa
  • Contact details

So once the spa menu is “top-notch”, ensure it is displayed and easily available. It might not be in the reception area where the guest has time to actually read the spa menu and be inspired… So don’t forget to display the spa menu in the locker rooms, spa café or the waiting room and relaxation room. If your spa is located in a hotel, ensure the spa menu is also displayed in each hotel room, as well as at the concierge and reception areas.

Spa Menus can be found in all shapes, forms, colors and sizes. Look at your spa menu and ask yourself; What is this spa menu telling my guests about my spa? Is it inspiring, does it reflect our style and philosophy?

It is so important that the spa menu is, not only inspiring, but also reflects what you stand for. As for most guests, the spa menu is the first impression of the spa, and you know what they say…first impressions last…


Time for a green detox smoothie


A fantastic green smoothie from our favorite Raw food chef Sophie.


2 stalks of celery

2-3 big leafs of kale

2 cups of water

1 cm turmeric root

2 cm ginger root

1 handful of pea sprouts

1 handful of mint leaves

1 scoop of Clear Response

1/2 avocado

Put the ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix into a smooth drink. The smoothie contains Clear Response from Innate Response. Innate Response is a the top leader in whole food and raw food supplements. If you do not have Clear Response, you can add for example mango, apple, pineapple, banana or stevia in your smoothie. Garnish the smoothie with blueberries, pomegranate, figs and physalis.


Recipe and photo by: Sophie’s RAW

Time to upgrade your Spa Retail Area

Although not all spas have a dedicated spa shop, most spas have retail space, most often in the reception area. There is a lot you can do to enhance this area and by that almost automatically increase your retail sales.

How to do this?

First of all; Step out of your “own box”. Enter your spa and look at it critically, from a guest point of view. What do you see? Do you get curious when you see the retail section? Does it look attractive and inspiring?

When it comes to selection of retail items I always try to look at it as a palette of eye- shadows. Many years ago, working for L’oréal, we talked about how to create interest for the makeup tester stands. What elements were actually eye-catching? Even though the eye shadows with the more earthy, natural colors were the bestsellers, we still always included strong, somewhat more crazy colors, such as blue, green, even red or yellow. This was to create interest, and make the earthy colors look even more interesting. If we excluded the bright colors, the palette would look boring and less inspiring, meaning less interest and less sales… So I would say; Look at your spa retail selection just as a palette of eye shadows; Do you have some eye-catching products that create interest, that stands out and makes the whole shop more interesting? Maybe these items won’t be the bestsellers, but consider them as the once that attract interest, and inspires your guest.

Except for exciting retail items you have to consider the exposure, as it really affects profitability. Products given more space and clear exposure will sell more. You control which articles should be highlighted and which should only be available when customers ask for them. The products should be exposed in terms of their roles, meaning the products that you want to sell most of should have prominent positions; eye level is best for exposure!

Remember to always keep shelves fully stocked. Customers tend to not pick products from half empty shelves as they give the impression that these products are old and have been left over.

Another thought to consider when it comes to exposure is that most people are right handed. Therefore it is easier to pick and feel products that stand to the right. Therefore signs should be placed to the left and products placed to the right.

When you evaluate your retail space, ask yourself the following question or invite someone or several to answer these:

  • What is the first impression?
  • Can you see an “inspiration table” and a “volume table”? Are they inspiring? (A volume table means where you have promotions or display a specific product in larger quantities).
  • Are there prices on all products?
  • Do you have an exciting retail selection? Do you have spa and wellness releated products that are not just skin care products?
  • Do you have a tester stand? Can people try and feel the products? Are guests invited to test skin care products? Are the testers clean and fresh? Make it easy and clearly mark the bottles and tubes that are testers.

Retail is an absolutely vital part of a successful spa operation. In many cases it can be the difference between generating a profit or sustaining a loss. So it is essential that we constantly work with retail spaces to enhance and improve the areas. Today, spa retail revenue on average generates 5-25% of total spa revenue but represents 20-25% of total profit. Therefore, it is clear that by increasing retail revenue there can be a huge effect on overall spa profitability!

What is your best advice to boost retail sales when it comes to exposure and retail arrangements? Feel free to share your ideas!


Beautiful retail design at Cowshed. Picture borrowed from

Happy Vacation!

Finally summer has reached us in the north as well. We would like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers and followers a happy summer and vacation time!

It’s time for most of us to recharge. Hopefully you will all have many moments of bliss, contemplation and just “beingness” during the coming summer months.

Many of us in the RDE team do like most Scandinavians; We escape to the archipelago and enjoy sauna, cold dips and just beingness on the jetty…

Keep on checking into our blog as we will keep it active although it’s vacation time!

Happy Summer,

//Raison d’Etre & LivNordic



sommar 2


sommar 3