Open your eyes and relax

I met with a selection of 21 high quality spa suppliers at the Global Spa Meetings Middle East last week. It fills my heart with joy, how everybody is aiming for making the guests experience even greater and one of the suppliers captured my mind and heart somewhat more then the others:


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Amongst other things, Livinglobe are the producers of the Vidarium Wellness Video Dome and their slogan is brilliant:

Open your eyes and relax. I know, read it again and just feel the juice of it.

For me, it started a whole chain of thoughts and questions on the subject of wellness, and that is exactly was I was looking for going to the Spa Meetings in the first place. I was looking for something that invites me to think differently than before, something that starts my creative process on what wellness means in the industry and of course what it means to me.

I ask you this: How often do you open your eyes and actively view and rest your eyes on what you see, and allowing yourself to completely be present and relax in that moment?

Whatever your answer is, my answer unfortunately was, that far to often I look at something or look at someone, but I don’t allow the short time it takes to relax my breathing, taking in and be totally present with what’s in front of me. At times, I even catch myself thinking about my next step, and not only does that make me not see, it also makes me not hear because I am unable to listen when in a state of absence.

With the Vidarium Wellness Video Dome, we, who provide wellness for people and through that give them the opportunity to enhance their lifestyles, are given a great product and it will complement and enhance the spa experience. I picture the video dome as an active pre or post treatment relaxation room, I picture it as a treatment of it’s own where you can go together as a group or by yourself. The good thing is that you can choose what kind of theme you want projected on the screen and secure that it will fit your unique spa concept and design.





Who knows, through this great product, we might even be able to help change people’s lives outside of the wellness centers more. It might help them to slow down in life, it might help them to be more present simply by having practiced:

‘Open your eyes and relax’.

I wish for it.

Sabine Itze

P.S. If you want to know more:


Christmas Contest – Win an exclusive place for the Spa Management Online Program!

To celebrate nearly three successful years providing online education, we want to give away one exclusive and complimentary place on the first Spa Management Course for 2015, starting 2nd of February. Maybe you are the one who will start the new year with studying spa management and develop your leadership talent?

The Spa Management Online Program is an in-depth spa management course that runs for 14 weeks and consists of seven modules, tailor made for the future spa leader. The program aims to help students to achieve the best tools, ideas and strategies for their spa business and their personal leadership development. The program is flexible and as a student you can study wherever you are, whenever you can and in whatever pace that suits your schedule and work.

Why not take the chance to grow and develop you leadership during 2015? To participate in Raison d’Etre’s christmas blog contest you will need to answer following questions:

1. Which seven modules do the course contain
2. Describe, with maximum 150 words why you should be the lucky winner and get a place on Raison d’Etre’s Spa Management Program, starting February 2nd 2015.

To find necessary information about the course, browse to our web:

E-mail your answers to us before 22nd of December and we will announce the lucky winner in the beginning of January! (The price value is Euro 1250.)

Send your answer to: , name the email: Christmas Contest
Best of luck and Seasonal Greetings!

/ Spa Management Team



Do you want to travel around the world and meet new cultures and people?

Liv Nordic jobAre you looking for a new employment opportunity? Would you also like to travel around the world? Then we might have something interesting for you.

Raison d’Etre’s own spa concept, LivNordic, offers a blend of proven Nordic health traditions combined with the latest in spa and wellness. LivNordic focuses on Scandinavian designs, Nordic body and beauty treatments, Nordic bathing rituals and specialized fitness and wellness concepts.

Connectivity to nature, a healthy lifestyle, beauty and sound mindfulness are characteristics that define the Nordic people. A LivNordic spa pursues holistic wellbeing by drawing on the rich resources that the Nordic culture, both traditional and contemporary, has to offer.

LivNordic by Raison d’Etre will now open a brand new spa on a luxurious cruise ship. Do you want to travel around the world and meet new cultures and people? Then this job is for you.

We are currently looking for passionate and professional therapists who are open minded, willing to grow, enjoy a high and fast paced working environment, are dedicated to caring for colleagues and guests and are interested in embracing the LivNordic concept. We are creating a small and effective team where everybody will be responsibly for all aspects of the spa, guest services and the team.

You will have the opportunity to see the world while working in an amazing and diverse environment that brings together different nationalities and cultures. At the same time you will gain a once in a lifetime experience and become a fantastically skilled SPA-professional.

We are looking for Beauty Therapists, Massage therapists, Personal trainers, Nail technicians and Hair-dressers. Multi-skilled therapists are preferable.

Required skills: Genuine, friendly, service oriented attitude with a strong desire to always have the guests best interests at 
heart. A high level of both written and spoken English is required. Ability to work to a high standard at a fast pace while offering exceptional quality. 
We are looking for people who can sign up for at least two 6 – 8 month contracts with a one-month break in-between. Professional qualifications required: NVQ, ITEC, CIDESCO or equivalent

Would you be willing to embrace the LivNordic concept and become a LivNordic spokesman/women? If interested, please submit a cover letter explaining why you would be the best person for the job and your CV, including references, to:

We look forward hearing from you!

Spa Management student working and studying in Davos

IMG_0688Meet one more of the students from the Spa Manager Online Program that is currently running; Izabella Kummer. Izabella is working as Spa Supervisor for InterContinental in Davos.

Why did you choose Raison d’Etre Spa Management Online Program? I first got to know Raison d’Etre as a spa consultancy company and I got a very positive impression about their work. They seemed to be professional and updated about the latest global spa trends. Beside my MScBA Tourism study I wanted to gain more knowledge about the spa world and something more practical and hands on. I was very concerned about having enough time for studying, but since everything is online this problem was easily solved.

The course started a while ago, how was the start? The start was very interesting, especially the marketing part. It was very inspiring. It was also right away helpful for me in my daily work at the spa.

How do you find the course so far? I think it is a perfect mixture of theory and practice. Even though I’m working in spas since years some things are still new to me and some things are just good to hear again as they reassure my personal opinions and theories.

Which subject are you working on currently? Currently I am working on the Finance part, which I find very important.

When do you normally study, watch the lectures (videos) etc? Usually I watch the videos at night (after work), because they are rather easy and entertaining and I write my assignments during the day.

What subjects / areas are you mostly looking forward to study during the course? Marketing, finance and leadership.

Do you have any advice to those who are considering participating in this course? I can highly recommend the Online Program to everyone who is already working in the spa business and considering to step into a new role. I also think it is useful for those who are already working as spa managers, because the spa market is rapidly changing, so it’s always necessary to be updated. The course is good value for your money.

 Thank you Izabella for sharing your thoughts on the Spa Manager Course!

Studying Spa Management while living in Seychelles…

SusieQOur third Spa Management Online Course, for this year, is currently running. We took the opportunity to talk to one of the students. Let’s meet Susana Queirós, who is currently managing a spa in the Seychelles and at the same time she is participating in Raison d’Etre’s Spa Management Online program.

RDE: Susana, where are you currently based and what is your current position? S: I am currently working in Seychelles, in Desroches Island Lodge, presently managing Escape SPA, a beautiful and peaceful piece of Paradise in the Indian Ocean.

RDE: Why did you choose Raison d’Etre Online Spa Management Program? S: Being in such a remote destination and with limited access to the internet I was looking for an online school that would give the opportunity to join the online training, but at the same time being able to have a flexible schedule as the operation of the hotel and a hotel spa is constantly changing. The Raison d’Etre blog and the website gave me all the information that I needed about the course contents. The contact that I had with Josefin, the Course Manager, also made everything extremely easy and accessible.

RDE: You started the course a while ago, how was the start? S: All the way from the start it has been a pleasure to do this training, especially because all provided material is so complete and all the videos and lectures are enthusiastic.

RDE: How do you find the course so far? S: Perfect. After being in the SPA industry for almost 10 years now and being a spa manager for more than 3 years, this course brought knowledge and new specific fields to me. This will enable me to improve my routines and operations and be a great help in the future.

RDE: Which subject are you working on currently? S: I am going through the last module right now, which is the business plan.

RDE: When do you normally study, watch the lectures (videos) etc? S: As I am working and we have a busy hotel,  I only find time to study in the evenings after work.

RDE: What subjects / areas are you mostly looking forward to study during the course? S: My favourite modules were Finance and HR, both of them bringing a lot of new knowledge to my operations, as well as new routines to be established to help in my daily work.

RDE: Do you have any advice to those who are considering participating in this course? S: Even if you do have a tight schedule and think that you don’t have time for the training, the flexible schedule makes it possible to do the course any way. I strongly recommend this online training.

Thank you Susana and good luck with your Business Plan and final part of the course!

PS We have one more course running this year, please contact Josefin Rooth, Education Manager for more information.

News from the Spa World

News, ideas and interesting things related to spa operations approaches Raison d’Etre all the time – but some of the things stands out. I recently participated on SpaMeeting Dubrovnik and wanted to share some highlights from there mixed with some other interesting things that recently have popped up!

Aqua cycling is getting popular!

As a follower of Soul Cycle spinning trend, the very successful concept of Aqua Cycling from New York is now spreading over the world. We see a good example of the ‘pedal in water trend’ in France; through AquaLikes (from Corpoderm) individual Aqua biking cabin, with lots of benefits and can be great to use before a massage treatment, as part of a detox program, after skiing, for elderly people or as social activity for the younger generation in spas.

SpaStream Emotional Experience

A beautifully designed Vichyshower (By Italian Aquademy) with a horizontal shower massage system that provides a “rain-bar massage” with, and also without – a therapist. The 1200 nozzles, temperature, chromotherapy and pressure is set in 16 different programs, but can also be tailored to personal treatments and protocols. Please watch this video to experience:


I had the privilege to meet with Marion and Chemin at SpaMeeting Dubrovnik where they launched a new beauty machine. Electro Medical Systems has been around for more than 30 years developing medical health care equipment, and are now for the first time launching an aestic device, specifically addressed to beauticians, the SWISS CELLVIBE. Non-invasive, safe and with no side effects and clinically proven to reduce cellulites by one grade in 8 treatments. Great design, easy protocols and proven result documentation. Keep an eye on them, I guess they will launch more aesstic solutions in the future!

Beauty beyond Cosmetics

Swedish FOREO with its LUNA Beauty device for deep face cleansing and anti-ageing is a true spa retail booster. We have tried it, and we love it. They have just launched the beauty device in hotel rooms, to become just as essential as the hair dryer. When the guest falls in love with the LUNA in their room – they will buy it from the spa. Let’s see if this emerges, very interesting!

Spa Scent Solutions

The French company Laboratories Camylle provides spas with natural scent solutions in all kinds: for sauna, steam bath, showers, ice-fountain, whirlpools etc. They have now also developed a ‘scent filter’ to be used instead of diffusers or aroma lamps, that is just easily put in the ventilation systems and flows naturally in the air!



Inspirational Leadership Video – Good is the enemy of great

Today we just want to  launch our next inpirational video and share some words from our Managing Director Annika Jackson. Enjoy!

Ps. We have few places left for the Spa Management Program Nov 17th!
Email your interest to:

Spa Education: Behind the scenes -Thoughts from the teacher team

Marketing MariaMaria Nystedt; Marketing, PR and Social Media lectures

“The best part in my job with our Spa Management Program is the coaching part. The course has a coaching and individual feedback approach and method, meaning that each student creates a business plan for the spa they work in. After going through the course and its 7 modules, a real business plan is created by each student. The business plan is sent to us and we will give individual support, comments and help to improve the business plan and ensure it reaches up to the level that is needed.

I would say this is the part I enjoy most because I get to know spas around the world, see their challenges and efforts and also see the creativity that each spa manager student has, but sometimes just need a bit of help to actually use it. With my feedback I try to help the student to think differently or out of the box. When I receive back the marketing plan  (part of the business plan) a second time, it is in most cases at a new level, with a new and clear strategy.

I also love helping the students to become more analytic to figures and draw conclusions and create actions. As I’m a marketing person I also stress the importance of the ground work… the base. You have to do your research about the market, the customers and the competitors before deciding what you will offer!

The great part for me, as a teacher is really to see how the student’s business plans develop and become so much more straight to the point and accurate, during the course.”

JosefinJosefin Rooth, Education Manager

The one person at Raison d’Etre who has most contact with the students is the Education Manager Josefin Rooth. She is the first contact, she helps to organize all practical issues, supports the students and help them during the way. She is also one of the teachers who gives feedback and coaching on the student’s business plans. Josefin really knows the course by heart.

What do you enjoy most in your work as Course Manager? Why?
“I enjoy seeing the development of the students when we challenge them to think differently than they have before. It is also great when students get that “aha”-moment” and realize that to reach success you first have to set the destination and then have a clear strategy, with measurable goals. The final module, the business plan creation is also so much fun, because everything they have learnt and all new ideas they have come up with is put together and implemented in reality. It is fantastic to be a part of that process!

And also, of course, the appreciation, wonderful feedback and positive energy we get back from the students is amazing – it as a true pleasure to work as Education Manager! I also learn a lot from the students along the way, so it is really an exchange of growth and ideas.”

Which part do you find most interesting and important in the course? Why?
“All parts are important since they go together; all is needed to reach the final module and exam, the business plan. The business plan is of course the most important part, since the students, by the end, have created their own plan and strategy ready to implement in the spa.

What I though feel might be the most interesting is the Leadership Module and the Human Capital Management planning, which often is new to the students. I remember the first time I was introduced to it. It suddenly felt that all of my thoughts, goals and plans on leadership, communication, how to improve the guest experience, building team culture, increase  talent and make people grow – suddenly was put in the right place, in a clear structure. And not only that, it ‘”forced me” to start measuring my leadership success and to plan for each goal and action for the coming year. The Human Capital Management planning made me realize that everything cannot happen at once and it also helps me to prioritize.”

You will have the chance to get to know others from the Teacher Team throughout the fall, with some more blogs from our team. Follow us here or Facebook and LinkedIn to be updated and inspired!

Spa Education: Behind the scenes – How it all started

5-slider_annaMany years ago we put the first seeds in the ground for what was going to be our future Spa Management Program. The first seeds and ideas resulted in classroom-courses, held in different locations. After years in spa operations and openings we were longing to share our experiences. In one way the actual training was no new for us, as we have always included a spa manager training for each spa opening, but from now on it was formalized into a course with students gathered in a classroom.

One of Raison d’Etre’s aims has always been to stay ahead of trends and follow the market carefully and adapt and adjust to changes and needs. After a few years with the “Classroom Spa Manager Courses” we started to sense a need of a change; People’s lifestyle had changed and the technology developed fast and improved.

One day in the office, Anna Bjurstam said to us:
-Ok, it’s time that we do some changes; we are going to launch our Spa Manager Course on-line. And when Anna has plans, it sure happens. And she had a clear plan and a vision; to share our expertise and knowledge with even more people.

There are so many talented people out there, working in spas, ready to grow and develop, but they may not have the possibility to take time off from work to travel long distance to attend a course. They may not be able to leave their families for the time or use vacation time for studies. So we started to create a solution for them!

No time was wasted and deadlines were agreed, subjects were divided among us in the team, everyone working with the subjects that we are most passionate about. We revised the current classroom-program and created new material for each module in the course to ensure that each subject has the contents that we, as former spa managers, find most valuable in real life.

Many creative workshops and discussions later and after hours of research and writing we finally had all the material gathered and it was time for filming the lectures, which after hours of editing ended up in a complete spa manager education.

The work did not stop here and I, as one of the members in the teacher team, certainly would like to say that now the fun and most rewarding part started for us! Read our coming blog post to find out what a few of our teachers have to say and learn how they work with the course!

For the future spa leader

Raison d’Etre launches new material for the Autumn Online Spa Management Program. 

-We constantly work with updating the course, as the spa market and spa trends are rapidly changing and we want to offer an education that responds to the spa market needs and is created for the future leader; a leader that knows how to adapt to changes and can lead with confidence and flexibility, says Annika Jackson, MD Raison d’Etre.

Among the news for this year is an updated lecture on current spa market trends by Anna Bjurstam, Vice President for Six Senses Spas and Founding Board Member for Global Spa and Wellness Summit. Anna is frequently travelling the world and has a unique sense for global spa- and wellness trends.

A great number of spa management students come from hotel spas and therefore the marketing module is extended with a special lecture about marketing strategies and actions on how to create a dynamic co-operation with the hotel’s guest service-, sales and marketing department.

Another update is the extended focus on Human Capital Management (HCM). As a support plan to the business plan, the program includes creation of a HCM Plan for spas, a strategy in how to grow people as the most valuable investment and maintain, reward and develop talent within the team.

–Working with HCM is very often a real eye-opener and a paradigm shift for our students and we have responded to their demand by developing this module even further, says Josefin Rooth Education Manager.

The complete program includes 7 modules that guides the student towards a new management strategy. The business plan is created for every participants “own” spa and individual feedback and revisions offered by our senior industry experts. Students receive individual guidance and support during the whole course and the teacher team of Raison d’Etre challenge them to re-think their ideas and create newly!

”The course made me re-brand my spa business and get more into details. It is amazing how much has changed with your help”
”This course made me rewrite my business strategy, so I will definitely benefit from these new skills in my current and future work”

The individual approach makes the course suitable both for students who wish to take their next step in the career and become spa managers, but also suitable for spa managers and spa directors who are already in a management position. The individual support and feedback throughout the course makes the education unique on the market and suitable for all levels. Approximately 65% of the students are already in a management position when they attend the Online Spa Management Course.

- Many of the students are afraid that they will not have enough time to study, but soon realize that our reality-based studying is no different from work and business planning, except that they get professional support and individual coaching in the process, says Josefin Rooth Education Manager.

Next courses starts 6th of October and 17th of November. You can register by contacting, Josefin Rooth  at Space is limited, each course allows for a limited number of students.

Don’t miss – ‘Get Fit’ Camp with Hollywood Trainer!

1 2 3A motivational and transformational experience is upcoming at Soma Bay Thalasso & Spa, voted Egypt’s Best Luxury Destination Spa for 2014. An exclusive 5-day retreat that offers the guests the chance to achieve breakthrough improvements in their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Celebrity fitness trainer Ramona Braganza best known for sculpting hot Hollywood bodies, including the likes of Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper and Halle Berry is coming to Soma Bay! You have the chance to join Ramona for her ‘Get Fit’ camp at Soma Bay Thalasso & Spa for her world famous “8 Steps to your Hollywood Body” October 22-26.

Global Fitness Expert Ramona Braganza takes you “Behind the scenes” to learn the training and nutrition tips of her stars and experience exclusive personal one to one and as well as group training.

For more information, please contact Spa Director Nikos directly at:



Fast Forward – Anna Bjurstam about GSWS 2014

SteamIt was a busy year planning the GSWS together with my co-chair, Neil Jacobs, and chair Susie Ellis and in addition a great team. Morocco is just an amazing destination with so much to offer, and especially Marrakech.

400 executives from 45 countries joined together to shape the future for this year’s theme “Fast Forward”. And what a future we have! We learnt from Paul Price at that spending time on planning new concepts  is passé and from creating, we should go straight into implementation and that is our planning.

That sales are no longer about
The 4/6/8 P’s or
Positioning nor
Reach or

No, times have changed and instead it is about

From my country fellow, Kjell A. Nordström, who held the probably most appraised lecture, we learnt that we are just in the beginning of a new global transformation with movements of populations where Africa will grow quicker than any other continent. There seem to be a power shift from men to women, which will become more and more evident and that a university degree will mean nothing.Life as we know it will change. Help!!

Lots of opportunities going forward, if we are able to flow with the new era and its currents. One that has captured that is the Danish architect Bjerke Ingles, who showed us how he is making a garbage plant outside Copenhagen into a ski slope, blowing smoke rings (non toxic)!

Dr. Daniel Friedland taught us that beauty can foster creativity and even help with depression, as it relates to similar and sometimes the same parts of the brain, and that belief in beauty makes us more beautiful.

Are you confused yet? I know that I was and am, and need a couple of days to go over notes and digest it all. The good news is that all will soon be available on the net at and every session is filmed. How great isn’t that!

And if you have not already, go in and check out my 7 min interview with Dr. Oz and hear what he has to say about wellness.

Love and light,

Favorite Organic Hair Products

In the jungle of all hair products out there, we occasionally find some favorites. I started using only organic hair products without harmful chemicals, such as sulfates, mineral oils and silicons about 3 years ago and I constantly try new ones. I have truly benefited from using natural hair care and my days of flaky scalp and thin, flat hair are gone! But, it very much depends very on what I use, here are some new favorites – Enjoy! 

Ogario London, Revive and Shine Scampoo and Conditioner Purely Perfect - Cleansing Creme (requires a few washes) VM Shampoo (Blueberry -  fantastic result) John Masters Organics - Leave in conditioning mist (Savior, no need for conditioner) Neils Yard - Hair treatment Moroccan Natural - Argan Hair Treatment

Ogario London, Revive and Shine Scampoo and Conditioner
Purely Perfect – Cleansing Creme (requires a few washes)
VM Shampoo (Blueberry – fantastic result)
John Masters Organics – Leave in conditioning mist (Savior, no need for conditioner)
Neils Yard – Hair treatment
Moroccan Natural – Argan Hair Treatment

Talking to one of the On-line Spa Management students

Candra 2There are hundreds of spa managers around the world who has deepened their knowledge and business-know-how through our Spa Management Education. Years ago our Spa Management Course was a class-room course, but a couple of years ago we launched it on-line and what a success! We could immediately notice the need for this type of education, based on the many applications. Many of the spa managers who join our course are located in remote places and have difficulties finding time and possibilities to leave work for courses in other parts of the world, so distance-studies are a great solution. One, who has recently participated in the on-line course is Candra Pertiwi, Assistant Spa Manager at the Six Senses Spa in Oman. Candra and I met many years ago in the Maldives, both of us working at Soneva Fushi at that time. Candra was one of the top therapists, always with a big smile and a lot of energy. It has been great to see her taking the next steps in her carrier. Recently I took the chance to have a chat with her about how she found the On-line Spa Management Course. If you are curious about a student’s thoughts about the course, continue to read the interview with her.

What was the most important thing you learnt in the course? I found all the subjects very important and all of them were connected and related to each other. For me the knowledge of marketing was essential and I apply it in to our daily routine in the spa operation. Among all the things I have learnt in the course I would say the most important thing is the actual business plan, as it summarizes the whole course and is a clear road map for a spa.

In what way have you applied the course into your daily business in the spa? I started with writing down all the things that I can improve in my role. For example after studying the part; Human Capital Management I now have a better understanding how to communicate with different people. To have successful communication it is necessary to approach different people in different ways, so today I really try to approach my colleagues and staff in different ways and by this we work more smoothly and in a more efficient way. Things get done!

Any advice you can give to our new students, when it comes to the on-line course? Ensure you study one subject at a time, and complete the task for each theme before moving on to the next subject, follow the study plan and stay focused.

Why would you recommend the course, what is the main advantage, as you see it? I found the online training very useful and it is very informative. It was easy to understand, both the written material and the lectures. It was also great that I could watch the videos and lectures again and again. The management team of the course is also very supportive I could ask many questions throughout the course. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to become a great leader and a great spa manager. It is definitely worth it!

Did you work as a spa manager while participating in the course? Was it difficult for you to find time for the studies? I’m working as an Assistant Spa Manager and the course is important for my future so I can take the next step and become a spa manager. Of course it was sometimes a bit challenging to find enough time for studies, as I am a mother with a full time job, but I like to work early in the mornings, when my head and my thoughts still are clear and the surroundings are silent and peaceful. It’s possible; you just have to plan it!

Thank you so much Candra and good luck with your future career!

Candra 1

Are you already a Spa Manager? We are curious to get to know you and your thoughts about training!  What do you find  essential and most important for a spa manager education? Or do you have any questions regarding our on-line course, please send us a comment below or send us an email directly.

We look forward hearing from you!

For more information regarding applications and course dates:



Spa Manager Course – A road map to your goals

Spa team in MaldivesMany years ago, on a remote island in the Indian Ocean, I was sitting in my tiny office, confused and stressed. I had a great number of documents to fill out; reports, marketing plans, sales plan for spa packages, manning guides, budgets…all essential tools and working documents. I knew the importance of them and I was extremely worried how I would find the time to actually complete all of them and present them to the management. At the end I managed to do it, I somehow tied it all together but it took many hours of late night shifts and valuable hours of sleep. It was my first spa manager position, on a beautiful spa resort in the Maldives. I had been in leadership positions before, but this was my first job as a spa manager. I quickly realized the complexity of a spa manager’s role. Today I realize that the many late hours in the office would have been less if I would have had a clear road map and a clear structure on how to use the documents and why they would all help me to achieve my objectives. Well, it’s all about learning by doing…and we all go through different challenges in our first manager roles, but there are ways to simplify life and ways to be prepared. Preparation and structure will certainly release more time for other things in life!

Raison d’Etre’s Online Spa Management Programme would have been the perfect solution for me at that time. I was far away from home, with no possibility to leave my job for studying, but still in need of knowledge and inspiration. If I would have had the opportunity to attend an Online Course I could have watched the lectures and completed the assignments whenever I wanted and had the possibility. But mostly it would actually have saved me time. The Raison d’Etre On line Spa Management Programme is created the way that throughout the course you actually produce a complete business plan for you own spa, with budgets, marketing plans, plans for staff development (HCM plan) etc. As I would have worked with all these tools, I would have got feedback on my work from senior spa industry experts. So even if it would of course have taken me time to study, in one way it would also have saved time, as I would have been working on my “real” documents that I needed for my job. A hands-on, reality based education!

Ipad small Raison d'EtreThe Spa Management Course is created by us; working today at Raison d’Etre. We have all been working as spa managers in day spas, resort spas, salons and wellness centres. We have a lot of operational experiences and truly understand the challenges that occur in this job and we know that time is essential and often limited. Therefore we created a tailor made course for the spa manager of today, a course that is possible to do parallel with your job. A course that will help you right away in your job and involve you. You will work with real-life cases, meaning your own spa. We believe very much in what Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.

Are you curious to find out more, browse to our website where you will get more information how it works! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the education.