PRESS RELEASE – Raison d’Etre

3 May 2011 – There are few global spa consultancy companies that could match the experience of Raison d’Etre over their 14 years in business.  Having worked with over 90 spas in over 40 countries – and creating many that are award-winning – the next phase of this business promises a whole new outlook.

Raison d’Etre’s future starts today with the essential consolidation of its ownership and management.  Swedish-born Anna Bjurstam, who continues to be based in the head office in Stockholm, is now the sole owner and driving force behind the future vision for Raison d’Etre, leading the company in an exciting new strategic direction.

Raison d’Etre’s two other partners, Rosamond Freeman-Attwood and Kasha Shillington each recognized that this was a natural evolution and decided the time had come to sell their shareholdings in the company.  Rosamond, Raison d’Etre’s founder, now lives in Sri Lankawhere she is opening an exclusive retreat, whilst Kasha, who has been instrumental in setting up all Raison d’Etre’s joint ventures including Resense in 2008, Raison d’Etre’s continuing joint venture with Kempinski Hotels, and will now take responsibility for leading this project, overseeing its’ future growth and advancement.  Raison d’Etre will continue to be instrumental in the ongoing development and operation of Resense where Anna Bjurstam remains a shareholder and board member.

 “Since Raison d’Etre’s inception, we have always provided clients with a dedicated, bespoke and cutting-edge service, so this was a natural progression for us all”, says Director, Anna Bjurstam. 

There will be a number of new initiatives going forward.  Raison d’Etre will soon launch two exciting new spa brands, one 5 star and one 4 star.  By utilising their key strengths for brand building, an individually-tailored approach and continually developing new ways to excite their clients and spa goers, they promise to create a genuine and bespoke 5 star spa concept.  The 4 star experience will be a more ‘social spa’ experience, fuelling one’s natural desire for community and a growing awareness that social interaction is an important aspect of health, whilst reaching out to a new consumer spa market in these current austerity times who have perhaps considering spa-ing inaccessible.

“With the likes of Aman, Jiva Spas (Taj), Auriga (Capella Hotels), Resense (Kempinski) under our belt, it feels like the right time to amalgamate our experience and knowledge to create our own brands,” says Bjurstam.

The future holds one simple aim for Raison d’Etre – to deliver the best value for money to all their clients.  With hands on experience in creating their own branded Raison d’Etre spa, which is located at the Grand Hôtel Stockholm and has been operational for over a year, they have lived and breathed every step of this business and really know what works best at every level.  Their continued success has centered on a key business objective – to realise an individual’s potential and create real opportunities for them.  They hold a strong belief that for a spa to be able to enhance the lives of its guests, it needs to demonstrate this directly by looking after its staff; in other words, ongoing training and support are paramount.  In response, Spa Management training programmes, assistance with business & marketing plans and Spa Human Capital Management strategies are all part of the Raison d’Etre service.

In future, Raison d’Etre will be introducing joint venture, revenue share and franchise agreements, depending on brand and client, allowing a greater degree of ownership for the spas they operate.  

Their successful spa management courses will continue and be further developed through new strategic alliances, creating new opportunities for spa managers to network, enhance current skillsets and grow.

“We have a fantastic team at Raison d’Etre, who have been on board for many years and this combined expertise together with our passion holds great treasures for the future.  Our aim is to diversify our portfolio, which is highly reliant on consultancy today and increase our assets,” says Bjurstam.


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