Skallerup Klit Romulus Spa– one of Denmark’s best spas?

I had the pleasure to visit Skallerup Klit with my family last week – an absolute paradise for families – and absolute hell for couples….. The have Romelus, supposively one of Denmark’s best spas and I of course decided to pay them a visit.

In general the design and concept is very well executed; it is a Roman theme and you can see that in all material, design, experiences as well as some of the treatment. The design is very nice in general. Price for a 50min massage is around €100. BUT after having been there and booked and the receptionist correctly said that I should come before and enjoy the wet area, I arrived in good time only to get hit in the face with that the wet area is not

included in the spa treatment and that would cost €25 extra(!). This really put me off and had a negative effect on the whole experience.

Either increase the cost of the treatment to €125 or include it in the spa treatment, as it should be a complete experience!

The price suggests a five star experience, but I rate it more as four star (see below). There are several points – the treatment room is too cold

– the towel is too small and only covers 70% of the body (hate that!)

– I have to smell 5 oils before after lying down to decide which one I want (why not have the therapist ask what result I want and they, as experts chose)

– No health assessment which is lack of professionalist

– Wet area not included

– Room to noisy

– Not a proper waiting area

– Staff not very attentive

– Treatment not up to quality

– Therapist did not ask if temperature, pressure or music was ok

The massage itself was a combination of aromatherapy and Swedish, although I asked for a Swedish. It was one of those treatments that are so light that it never becomes muscular and for me I might as well not have one.

RATING scale 1-5

Concept = 4

Service = 2

Quality of treatment = 2

Design = 4

Products – Kerstin Florian = 5 (always great massage oils)

Value for money = 1.5

Overall experience = 1.5 (3.5 if wet area included in price)

Overall rating = 2.9


In summary, it can get a much higher score with 1. Include wet area in spa treatment price 2. Do a thorough training with all staff to be more service minded and give higher quality of treatments

Would I pay to come back? No.

Would I pay to come back if they change the above? Yes



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