Facial reflexology – a winner!

Yesterday, I tried for the first time facial reflexology with our expert reflexologist, Helen, at our spa at Grand Hôtel. I have heard of this treatment but never tried it, and as someone who really likes reflexology (my mother and uncle were both reflexologists and when I was young my uncle could tell so much about me from my feet that it was almost scary…).


This is a fantastic treatment and it is strange that it has not won more acclaim. Our FACE has more than 500 points interconnected with the whole body.
The face is just as the feet divided into areas that through nerve endings stimulates other ares in the body, for example the nose corresponds to the back. As Helen said, this is more relaxing and beautifying, whereas reflexology on the feet is more for detox and balancing the body and the absolute best result would be to combine a 60 minute feet reflexology with a 30 minute facial reflexology.

When conducting the reflexology, Helen uses lymphatic drainage strokes, so it is a double whammy, also getting rid of puffiness and increases circulation.

The strangest thing was that I felt fresh, centered and had great clarity after the treatment. Sometimes I feel zonked and just want to go to sleep, but here I felt enhanced, both in skin texture and in overall well being. A truly relaxing treatment, which simply put made me feel great.

I can truly recommend anyone to try this treatment, find a practitioner on the net and would you happen to be in Stockholm, and if you mention Raison d’Etre blog, you will get 20% discount when you book this with Helen until July 31st, 2011.

I love treatments that are both therapeutical, holistic and beautifying and would love to hear your views on this after you have tried it!



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