Swedish beauty, in a jar…

As Raison d’Etre is based out of Sweden I thought it would be interesting for our blog readers to be introduced to some of Sweden’s best beauty brands.  Here are some of our favorite product brands from the North:

Luxsit Organic care We had the opportunity to meet the persons behind Luxsit almost 3 years ago; Jenny Kärner and Theresia Dibinger. At that time, they had just launched their product line and we were amazed by their passion about natural and organic skin care, and how enthusiastic and dedicated they were to only find the very best, when it comes to ingredients.  Since that the brand has gained a lot of popularity and no wonder; Jenny has a Master in Biomedicine and has also studied biodynamic farming, and Theresia has studied medicine and is also a homeopath. Their unique combination of knowledge and passion creates amazing skin care based on ingredients from Nordic plants, and the products are created to specially suit the sensitive Nordic skin type. Needless to say; products are 100% natural, contains no nasty ingredients, the preservatives are all natural and all ingredients are biodegradable. And the products are produced in their own factory just outside Stockholm. Luxsit is a proof of what true dedication and passion can achieve…


Ingrid K was launched  in 1997 and has since that developed a wide range of products for natural skin and body care. Many of Ingrid K’s products and treatments have attracted much attention both nationally and internationally. One example is the body treatment with Chilli (!) which is used at Hotel Tylösand in Sweden.

No matter what the product’s purpose is suppose to be, the basic idea is the same: combining aromatherapy’s holistic view of people together with old Nordic herbalism and pure, natural ingredients. By combining ancient wisdom with modern science and technology Ingrid K products combine high quality, functionality and efficacy. The products are all based on essential oils and herbal extracts, mainly from the Scandinavian region.

When it comes to Ingrid K -No compromises are accepted – only the best will do, which is also why we have chosen to work together with Ingrid. She is the talented person behind our own body products at the Nordic Life Spa at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  The treatments with Ingrid K products are a true journey into the Swedish flora…

If you are not passing by any of the spas offering Ingrid K treatments or products, you can discover and purchase products online at www.ingridk.com

There are some exciting new Swedish product lines on the market and we are presently testing and evaluating one of them; Cicamed. This organic face care product line combines ingredients from the nature together with a scientific approach, and a medical touch. Let’s see what the weeks of evaluation will bring out…

Another Swedish brand to keep an eye on is C/O Gerd. It’s a family run company that produces beauty products 6km north of the Arctic Circle in Jokkmok, which is part of Lappland. C/O Gerd offers skin care with some true power berries; Lingonberry, Cloudberry or Blueberry… Recently I met this company at the “Allt för Hälsan” – fair in Stockholm (health fair) and they whispered about exciting coming launches….

So the Swedish beauty market is definitely something to keep your eyes on, the treasures in the Swedish nature are amazing and there are a few, very talented people that can transform it to beauty in jars…




2 thoughts on “Swedish beauty, in a jar…

  1. can anyone recommend a good tanning accelerator?!! I’ve tried Australian Gold funky monkey which is good but expensive was wanting to give some other ones a try and heard swedish beauty is meant to be good?!! thanks


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