Cupping, now at our spa at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, Sweden

Cupping is one of our new treatments at Grand Hotel Nordic Spa & Fitness (We are using rubber cups instead of the traditional ones of glass that you need to heat to create vacuum.)

The first time I came in touch with cupping was in Cambodia, when I was working as a Spa manager at Raffles in Phnom Penh. Sometimes a team member came from a visit at the local doctors, the reason I knew they had been there was the circular black/purple mark in their forehead, so that’s what they did when having a head ache, they placed a cup on top of the third eye. And obviously it released the ache. But it looked brutal and I actually never tried it.

Then came India and I had a great colleague that introduced me into cupping and after trying it we decided to have it on the menu, at that time we did it the traditional way.

I went to the market and bought small chai glasses and created small sachets filled with salt and dipped the weeks in oil, lit the oil and placed the salt sachet on the guests oil anointed back and then the small glass on top, voila the vacuum was created and the skin and connected tissue was stimulated and released. The danger was if the sachet would tip over and burn the skin of the guest. Not the best result, you really had to be careful. But I loved the treatment. Sensing the connective tissue lifting and giving great increased blood circulation, leaving you feeling mobile, stimulated and simply greatJ

Don’t worry at Grand Hotel Nordic Spa & Fitness we promise not to give you a black/purple mark in your forehead, but promise that the cups are a great tool to any pain or ache. Cupping enhances the result of a deep tissue or is great just as a single treatment

The History
Cupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine. The earliest recorded use of cupping dates to the early fourth century, when the noted herbalist Ge Hong wrote about a form of cupping in A Handbook of Prescriptions. Later books written during the Tang and Qing dynasties described cupping in great detail; one textbook included an entire chapter on “fire jar qi,” a type of cupping that could alleviate headaches, dizziness and abdominal pain.

Originally, practitioners would use hollowed-out animal horns for cups and place them over specific points or meridians

How it works – how we do it
At Grand Hotel Nordic Spa & Fitness we use cups of rubber, easy to place and give safe and effective vacuum.

The guest can choose if a specific issue needs to be addressed or a general treatment where we blend using cups and connective tissue and other massage techniques.

If the connective tissue is very tight, we recommend that a series of treatments are booked, as the treatment will be very painful and maybe the reactions would be too strong.

Drawing up the skin is believed to open up the skin’s pores, which helps to stimulate the flow of blood, balances and realigns the flow of qi, breaks up obstructions, and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body.

Depending on the condition being treated, the cups will be left in place from 5 to 10 minutes. Several cups may be placed on a guests body at the same time. Some practitioners will also apply small amounts of herbal massage butter to the skin just before the cupping procedure, which lets them move the cups up and down particular acupoints or meridians after they have been applied.

Voices on Cupping

Anna Malin  – Massage therapist
“Cupping is brutal……..Upon receiving cupping the first time I was amazed, the sensation was that the effect of cupping was tugging at my bones, so the movement felt like coming from the inside out rather than, like in a massage from the outside and in.  It shocks my central nervous system. Cupping feels extremely physical, I feel my muscles, my blood. There were not so much emotional responses or images appearing, rather giving me very physical sensations, like jumping into a cold plunge, feeling awake, alert, blood pumping, a sense of being ON.”

Jenny Hagberg Eriksson– Interior designer
“My cupping session brought new life into my whole body. A new sense of wholeness, that everything in my body was connected. Later that evening I went for a Yoga class and I noticed visible evidence that I was more flexible, moving with ease.”

Eva Johansson – Massage Therapist
“The cups releases tension enable deeper muscle work and contact, it has given immediate results in my work.”

Gwyneth Paltrow – Actress
“When implemented by a professional with experience, the benefits can work wonders,”



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