LivNordic Pressrelease – our new baby is born!


 Raison d’Etre Launches the LivNordic Franchise

 “Liv” a Nordic name deriving from the “Veddas”, scriptures from the Norse mythology. Liv was one of two that survived “Ragnarök” and means “life” and “protection”.

 January 2012 – A new brand is about to hit the spa and wellness scene – LivNordic. 

The new LivNordic concept has been developed and perfected by the Raison d’Etre team to embrace all aspects of Nordic Wellness. The experience fuses Scandinavian design, health and Nordic fitness with nutrition, beauty, products and bathing.

The flagship spa and wellness facility, now renamed Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa & Fitness, boasts a full membership club with:

  • 6 personal trainers conducting about 500 personal training sessions per month
  • Alternative health practitioners averaging 150 treatments per month or 15% of total treatments,
  • A Nordic health café, unique Nordic experiences and arguably the best Swedish Massage inStockholm, one of the spa’s most popular treatments.

Connectivity to nature, a healthy life style, beauty and sound mind are all characteristics of the Nordic people. The LivNordic Spa pursues holistic wellbeing by drawing on the rich resources that Nordic culture, both traditional and contemporary, has to offer.

“Swedes and Nordic people are known for their health and beauty treatments and have a sound approach to a balanced life style. We have therefore created something completely unique in today’s spa world, as there is no other Nordic wellness brand in the marketplace.  It is really exciting to be able to expand this concept and continue the success of our LivNordic Spa in Stockholm”, says Anna Bjurstam.

Raison d’Etre plans to market LivNordic as either a franchise or license for hotels and can be offered throughgreenfield(new builds) or by refurbishing existing spas. The capital investment can be kept low, as the main experiential feature is a structured approach to the Nordic bathing, involving sauna and cold experience, which most spas has today, and then a soft refurbishment to Scandinavian design.

“Having created some of the most well known brands in the world today, such as Aman, Jiva (Taj Hotels), Resense (Kempinski), Auriga (Capella Hotels), and having worked with over 100 spa projects, we can take all that knowledge and give franchises and hotel owners & operators a complete and full fledges spa brand, with the absolute best quality available. We provide more training and support and are extremely hands on. We have learnt through the years what works and not and we are extremely excited to provide this to the spa market” adds Bjurstam.

 The two options offer increased flexibility. The franchisee can purchases the brand with Raison d’Etre providing all the necessary training and support or purchase a more complete package (mainly targeted to the hotel market) where Raison d’Etre implement the entire project, from design to opening, providing the hotel with a “headache free” spa project, with proven success factor.

– ENDS –

For more information of any spa projects, expert insights from Anna Bjurstam or to arrange a visit to Raison d’Etre’s LivNordic spa at the Grand Hotel Stockholm, please contact:

Zoe Butt or Rebecca Holloway at PRCo on 0207 259 1100 or


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