Exploring new products

During the last months we have been researching, testing and evaluating new product brands, maybe not completely new to the market, but new for us. The three brands that we have just finalized testing are very different from each other, but all with its own “personality” and concept.


We met the company and the Co-founder in Dubai last year, at the Spameeting, and they have passionately introduced us to the world of teas. The products are based on a complex of teas; Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir) consisting of  the antioxidant green tea, the regenerating white tea, the soothing red tea and the stimulating black tea with pure spring water. The comprehensive product line consists of face and body products and they offer a wide range of treatment rituals. Thémae can be experienced in their own spa in Paris, or in Burj Al Arab, Dubai, among other places. The textures are great and the package design excellent, however we would have liked the products even more if the brand would have been 100% natural. www.themae.fr








This all natural product line is eco certified and uses only organic and fair trade ingredients. The company dedicates a lot of passion and time to ethical and environmental issues. The product line is not extensive, but it creates a good base skin care, with great packaging, high quality of ingredients and easy to use products. It is a French company, but inspired of beauty rituals all over the world. We liked the fact that the products were quite neutral, and very suitable for a fair and sensitive Scandinavian skin type. www.nohem.fr








One of our clients recommended us to test Medik8, which is a very result orientated product line, with products targeting pigmentation, signs of ageing, acne and irritated skin. The approach is straight forward and the products have a “medical look”. Medik8 is a British skin research company working with cosmeceutical technologies, their aim is to make the most effective ingredients suitable for even sensitive skin, but without compromising efficacy. Medik8 has many active products and we could feel them “working” on the skin, and the products could be used by the more sensitive skin types as well. www.medik8.com




It is always difficult to evaluate products and to really see if they reach up to what they claim or market themselves as. We are always 3 persons (with very different skin types and preferences) to test product lines, we test them for weeks, morning and evening, we study the list of ingredients with a magnifying glass and we discuss and compare…this is our way to find product lines that may be in our future spa projects!



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