New spa technology – the emperor’s new clothes?

I was listening to Anna-Cari Gund from YHHS spa school and one of our teachers on the on-line spa managers course that started this week (read more on . One of the lectures was on new technology coming out, as she is an expert on this and it was so valuable to hear the definition of all these technologies and how they actually work (or not!).

There is so much talk in the industry, both on products and equipment, what they do, such as taking away cellulites or stretch marks, and then it is just a scam. I wonder how much money consumers pay on things that don’t work. I would, completely unscientifically dare to say, that it is more money than on things that actually do work!

Now, why is this? Well, we love short cuts, and if there is a short cut instead of the sometimes boring regimen of eating well, working out and getting enough sleep – then we like to take it.

I have been trying out tons of various body sculpting and facial machines the past year, to see what is bogus and what actually work. For example, I had some pigmentation on my forehead that I wanted to get rid of. But getting rid of it on the surface with for example IPL or peels, is only going to last for so long. There will soon be new skin coming up with the melatonin produced hyper pigmentation. We have to get rid of it from the inside.

I also tried body sculpting that really worked! I lost about 4-5cm on the waist etc. and 2 months later it is all back…. There are lots of Cinderella treatments out there, and they do indeed give result for some time, but you will soon be back where you started. Beauty, health etc. really comes from the inside.  But not only of course! There are short cuts and especially quick fixes that last for a limited amount of time. What I have found is that great products, targeted enzyme peels done by specialists, sleep, water, chocolate (yes!), and working out  a couple of hours a week is the trick.

I think keeping informed about what new techniques are out there and how they work is essential, and then trying to cut through the bogus – not easy, I know, yet the internet is a great source of information!



We all want to look great, spend minimum time and money to do this, and enjoy every second of life. I agree with Kahlil Gibran on the best way of doing this and if you have comments and thoughts, I would love to hear them!


One thought on “New spa technology – the emperor’s new clothes?

  1. Kahlil Gibran is a favourite of mine!
    In times my passion and appetite are not friends! 🙂 That occurs only when I cannot….not able to express my artistic side, then there is war.
    As soon as i have my own time…read, paint play the piano, play in the kitchen, everything is ok again. Passion and appetite in balance!


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