Reflections from the Online Spa Manager Education

Monica Karppinen is one of the participants in our brand new Online Spa Manager course. As a guest blogger she shares her first reflections and thoughts about the training:

A few weeks ago I started the spa manager course, and for every chapter that I read, I get more and more fascinated about this business I’m working in.

The course runs online, which suits me perfectly, I can decide when to see (!) the lectures, where ever, when ever! And the best part is that I can see it over and over again. I’m working fulltime at “Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa and fitness” in Stockholm, so taking a course in “an ordinary classroom” isn’t an option for me.

We have done the first part- History! And it is – I choose the word fascinating again – because it´s what it is. I have been working with massage more or less 8 years, and in the spa business for 2,5 years. And to know how old traditional spa/massage/ is, makes it all very fascinating and it is pretty interesting how it has developed over the years. And not to talk about the future we have ahead of us in this exciting business!

In the course we are presently focusing on spa trends, group dynamics and conflicts in the course. These subjects are also fascinating and I can really relate a lot of the things we study to my job and to my experience from the spa business. Things get clear to me how everything works. All this, put together, makes my expectations on this course very high, it has just started and I’m already convinced that I’m working in the right business!

More health to the people!



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