I love my TRX!

About a bit more than year ago, Richard Grew from our sister company Resense was spending some time in Stockholm to be trained for his new role as a project manager for Resense. (Resense is a joint venture between Raison d’Etre and Kempinski hotel, with head office in Geneva, creating and operating spas for Kempinski hotels with about 30 projects today).

Richard, who is an old rugby player and is one of those “pain is good” guys, said that the TRX was the toughest piece of portable training equipment he had ever tried and he was kind enough to let us borrow it with a video to try at home.

Patrick Wahlberg, our Project Director (and also a kettlebell instructor, who made the whole company suffer last week after a really tough kettlebell class), tried it and LOVED it. I was a bit skeptic, having tried numerous home training devices, but when Richard told me to only do half of the instructions, I understood that this was something special. Of course I did not listen, and pushed myself as always, and it took me about 1 week before I could even think about any form of exercise again, and the pain I went through is not worth it. So take my words, if you are to try this, take it easy!

It is the single most effective functional training device I have ever tried and now it has been my companion on many trips. As it only weight about a kilo and takes up literarily no space (and I always travel with hand luggage only) I bring it everywhere.

It was a great help a week ago in Paris when my one day old Iphone 4S was pickpocketed, to release some steam…. And when I am jet lagged…and nowadays my kids are so used to me using it (took some stubborn training though) in the living room that I can train at any time (and have no excuse that I have small children).

Simply put – I love it – and if you haven’t already  – try it! (and no, I am not sponsored)…



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