Make a woman feel beautiful and she is happy (?) – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I presented the  newest and hottest spa and beuaty research at the Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Aspen. I found the beuaty research particularily interesting and thought I would share some of it (in two parts, the next coming on Monday!), so here it goes…

Research company McCann Truth Central conducted 7,249 online interviews, a conjoint study, and 40+ focus groups in 15 global markets concluding that women associate being happy with feeling beautiful.

At first I wondered if this statement could actually be true, but as I thought again, I slowly came to realize that I experience this feeling myself. If I truly feel beautiful; eyes glowing, confidence radiating, I feel great. When I take care in my appearance I actually feel happier.

“Nearly 70% of women globally think that being beautiful helps them get what they want out of life, and the same number believe that the relationship between happiness and beauty is directly proportional. 93% of women said they felt more confident overall when they knew they looked beautiful.”

Over half of women 16-34 say they started thinking about aging and preserving their looks before the age of 30. This goes against the idea that anti-ageing products should be targeted at an older market.

76% also believe in the innovation of the beauty industry, agreeing that the right beauty products can keep them looking younger for longer. Euromonitor says in another study that consumers want to know the benefits of their treatments – not just the experience they will receive. Therefore, it is important when writing a spa menu to ensure you are describing benefits as well as experience to potential customers.

What is also interesting is the rise of, what McCann calls, “The Whole Beauty,” made up of “Looks,” “Inner Beauty” (meaning wellness beauty e.g drinking water, cosmeceuticals, sleep etc) and emotional beauty (confidence).

This is good news for salons and spas who can make “Whole Beauty” packages for customers including a traditional beauty treatment, a relaxing treatment and a super food meal.

A spa can have a point of view on the entire beauty ecosystem. For example, if a brand is selling a nail polish it can advise women on how to care for their nails, on which supplements to take to grow stronger nails and which accessories, lipstick and hair colour will work best with that particular shade.

So go and get creative out there, and also know what you look for as a customer. Beauty is more than just looks and spas that gets that and can combine!

More to come on Monday on this subject….



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