Inappropriate therapist behavior

Last week I had a treatment experience that made me reflect on how important the therapist’s attitude and conduct is to the outcome of the treatment

Looking for a great therapist and treatment, I asked around to find myself an inspiring therapist and got a suggestion from a friend.

Curious and looking forward to get worked on I went to the place in Stockholm where I was to receive a Tao Kite treatment.

I was shown to the treatment room where I got undressed down to my underwear. The therapist then asked me why and if there was something specific that I needed to be addressed and I told him about my physical condition (shoulder and hip pains).

That was the moment where the treatment I had in mind stopped and something else started.

After exactly 24 minutes I stepped out from the place and felt belittled and abused.

Why? The therapist asked questions, questions that was too intimate and personal and had no relevance to the treatment, he made comments about my person, my body, my way of being (on things he couldn’t possibly have a clue) got too close physically, emotionally and crossed boundaries that I clearly showed. His questions and comments made me feel very uneasy and abused.

Thinking and talking to others about the experience afterwards got me reflecting on my opinion on cordial and responsible therapist behavior.

I realized that when I started to feel uncomfortable during the treatment I derogated my own feelings and belittled my own truth. It’s so easy to get into the inner dialogue “come on, maybe this is right for you, don’t be a sissy” and also that I was more concerned to not hurt his feelings and also wanting to avoid a conflict. In simple words, I felt very small, like a little girl.

When you take or give a treatment it’s a kind of agreement, where the therapist and the client/guest has a responsibility to create a safe and respectful environment, an environment that contributes and enhances the space for healing to happen.

Successful communication should be on the premises of the receiver and the sender should be wise and sensitive enough to keep personal opinions to him/herself if not asked to give their opinion.

I think it’s crucial to clarify from the beginning what outcome of the treatment is called upon and that the therapist as well as the guest cleaves to the agreement.

And that you are entitled at any moment to tell the therapist that the treatment doesn’t feel good and that you want to end it.

For future magical experiences, speak your truth!



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