Maximize your spa experience and make the most out of it?

I often hear, from not so experienced spa goers that they feel uncomfortable when they enter a spa. They feel lost in the entrance and they don’t know what treatments to choose and they often miss out amenities and other spa related things just because they don’t know what to ask for…all this makes me a bit sad, it is a pity that any spa guest can feel uncomfortable in a spa, how is it possible? It is of course the spa staff’s absolute main task to make every guest feel welcome, taken care of and guided so that the guest feels completely secure and can relax. But of course there are things that a spa guest can do themseleves to enhance their next spa visit.

So, in order to help you to maximize your spa visit I have made a list of tips that will definitely enhance your next stay in a spa:

1. Planning and researching

It is all about planning your spa visit. How much time do you have for the visit? Ensure to plan time both before the treatment and after. To get the most out of a spa facility and to get a “complete experience”, I would recommend you to arrive a minimum an hour before the actual treatment starts. Ensure to save some time for just “being” after the treatment and of course time for the wet areas. Hence it is essential to know, what the spa you are planning to visit actually has to offer? Nothing is more disappointing than arriving to a spa, realizing they have a heaven of nice heat experiences and water therapies all waiting for you, but you don’t have the time to enjoy them. So what to do? Browse on the web, check their web site, check Trip advisor for guest comments, read the spa menu and then call them! Always! As all the information may not be on the web or may be difficult to find.

Some things to check for: wet- and heat experiences, what do you need to bring, if anything? Fitness space? Any planned yoga or group training classes that you do not want to miss that particular day? How can you plan your lunch? Is a Spa café available?

2. Treatment planning

If the booking staff knows their thing, they will guide you and ensure you get just what you need. But still it is valuable for you to ask yourself what exactly do you need? What do you feel like? Are you stressed, lacking of sleep, sore muscles, tired, uninspired? Then, check the spa menu and after that you call the booking staff. And be a bit daring – why not test something new and not always going on the safe side.  Maybe book one of your favorite treatments and in addition to that something new as well!

3. Add ons

Most spas also offer add ons. Maybe your favorite part of a massage is scalp massage but your back is where you have pain right now? Why not book a back, neck and shoulder massage and then add a 15 min add on just for the scalp.

4. Arrival

Ask for a tour of the spa if the spa staff for some reason is not taking you around the facility once you have checked in. It is much more relaxing to spend the day in a facility where you have been shown around and do not need to worry that you may be late for a treatment because you are lost and looking for signage everywhere. If you have been shown to your locker and showed where you find towels, loungers, waiting area etc- your spa stay will be so much better – guaranteed!

5. Depending on the treatments you may have booked, plan when you will use saunas and other heat experiences. Ask the staff for their advice, as after some beauty treatments, such as some facials or waxing, it is not recommended to go into a sauna right after.

6. Check if the wet areas are communal or only separated. If you wish to spend hours in the pool and sauna with your partner and the spa has only separated wet areas, this might be a disappointing thing. Then maybe the spa you plan to visit is better suited for visit with your girlfriends, unless you don’t want a day totally by yourself.

7. Drink lot of water during your stay, spa facilities tend to have higher temperatures and be more humid. Also many massage treatments will be detoxifying and get rid of excess water from your body and you need to retain the water balance to feel well. (and remember to pay a visit to the WC before the actual treatment starts, nothing destroys a spa experience more than waiting for the actual treatment to end…)

8. Last but not least, do not miss to pay a visit to the spa shop. This is the last point before entering the “real world” again, and by visiting the shop you can take home some things that may help you to extend the feeling you have in the spa… A scented candle, a body balm or some nice lounge wear may well bring you back to the spa in seconds, even if you are staying in the privacy of your own home…

Enjoy your next spa visit!


P.S Are you planning to visit a resort spa? Remember to double check with the booking staff if the treatment will be indoors or outdoors? Outdoor treatments in tropical climate can be amazing, but can also be too hot sometimes….


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