My 6 top spas – Part 2

The second part of my top list for now!


Bhutan is a magical country and no one can visit the country untouched. The Amankora spa offers the Bhutanese “Stone bath”, where red glowing hot stones are put in to your bath under the stars. Using healing herbs and spices in the treatments together with authentic rituals makes Bhutan and Amankora one of those must go spas in the world.


This LivNordic spa is more a city wellness destination with coaching, personal training, great health café, alternative medicine combined with very high quality result driven spa treatments as well as advanced beauty and not to forget the anti-aging Nordic bathing. The best Swedish massage in the world I dare to say. All set in beautiful and sustainable Nordic themed design, with organic and handpicked Nordic products, it is truly a place to Be.


Set in the Austrian Alps, just outside Innsbruck this scenic destination spa restores equilibrium on all levels. Combining medical, wellness, spiritual, nutrition and nature is a powerful wellness cure executed to perfection at Lanserhof. The hotels outstanding quality and exemplary power for innovation is keeping it at the forefront of European health centers.


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