English on-line spa management course launched!

We are finally there, we are launching our full on-line Spa Management course. After conducting class led courses for 8 years and now testing the water earlier this year with the Swedish on-line version, we are now launching our strongest course to date.

Spa management education is our passion, having headed the Global Spa & Wellness Summit research initiative with the spa management gaps http://www.globalspaandwellnesssummit.org/index.php/spa-industry-resource and identifying what we are lacking as spa manager in the industry today (lots!) we have now put together (http://www.raisondetrespas.com/spa-management-courses/) what we believe truly can make a positive difference in the spa managers daily life.

We thought we would share with you two earlier participants thoughts

“For me, taking the spa manager course at Raison d’ Etre was highly efficient. This program is designed to address today’s market demand for creative, highly skills, and well-rounded spa and wellness managers, who gets the ability to educate and empower both their clients and staff.

I’ve acquired business expertise and gained skills by exploring topics including building a business plan, spa financial management, sales, marketing, communication, human resources management and facilities management.

It gave me ability to plan and design a new spa and to run it to one of the most profitable spas in Denmark. I can highly recommend it.”
– Linda Myrberg, spa consultant (went to our class led course in 2009)

“The (on-line) course was inspiring and very educative in terms that you get to know how this business is developing and how to adjust to its Trends and market and so fort. Very inspiring!!! The best was the online lectures, I could watch them where and when ever I wanted! Even on my iPhone!

What will be most useful for me is the knowledge I have gained about strategies and planning – business plan, market analysis, key strategies. And not to forget the Businessplan im going to work on during the summer and hand it in after the summer, and not until then will I know if I  either fail or pass this course! I know I will learn a lot from this! Wish me luck! J:)”

Monica Karpinnen

The course will start October 1st!



22 thoughts on “English on-line spa management course launched!

  1. hello,
    would love to know more details, and would love to join this course? i have been trying to get in contact with someone, can you please email me details, and how i can join?

    thank you


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