The perfect spa relaxation room

As you may have noticed we currently have a spa design theme in our blog. We started last week with my colleague Patrick’s post about how to create a unique and well-functioning spa reception. This week Anna talked about spa retail and now it’s my turn to say some words about how to create the best possible relaxation- and post treatment room.

For me this is an essential part of the spa journey, it is a  place where you do spend some time and where you hopefully can deeply relax (which is probably the main reason for your spa visit)…Of course the treatment is normally the highlight of a spa visit, but nothing can ruin the serene feeling created during the treatment, than arriving to a messy relaxation area where people sit and chat and used tea cups and towels are spread around and therapists interrupt every second minute as they look for their next guest…

So what should you consider when planning to create the perfect post-treatment area where guests can truly relax, feel safe and secure and totally re-charge?

Unfortunately some spas miss the importance of creating dedicated post treatment (relax )rooms … Of course it can be due to lack of space, but if you have the opportunity to plan a spa from the start, ensure you have separate rooms for waiting and relaxing. It may look like a good solution to combine these two spaces, but this is one of the biggest mistakes to do, as you will then be mixing two completely different energies. Before a treatment you might feel excited, expectant, even perhaps a bit stressed…whereas after a treatment you (hopefully) feel relaxed and calm. And if you are in this  calm state of mind, you do not want a lot of impressions that will distract you.

A relax room should always be located in the quiet areas of the spa, meaning nearby the treatment rooms and the room should not be a through way for therapists or guests. Avoid locating the relaxation room nearby the gym or the reception area, as these areas are much livelier and it can sometimes be a challenge to soundproof. When creating a post treatment, ensure the room is sound proof and that the door has silent closing.

In my view the perfect relaxation room do not have the loungers too close to each other (approximate 75 cm in between).  The loungers should be highly comfortable, and if they also have built in headphones and individual reading lights…perfect! A small table should be beside the lounger where I can place my cup of tea and the magazines I wish to read. Normally after a treatment I can feel a bit chilly, so I really enjoy a warm blanket to wrap around me after the treatment.

To create an inviting, warm and comfy feel my ideal relaxation room has a fire place or candles lit around the room. Lightning should be dimmed and no music should be on, as it is very individual if guests wish to listen to music after a treatment or not, hence the perfect solution is individual headphones.

If you can’t re-design your whole relaxation area there are always some adjustments you can do to improve your facilities:

  • Ensure your attendant team checks the room every hour so the room stays neat and fresh (no used towels, unfolded blankets or used tea cups that may give a messy impression)
  • Ensure you have the latest issues of magazines (health-, spa and wellness magazines) and a spa menu available.
  • Create a drink station where you offer a delicious tea, some nibbles (nuts / fruits) and some cold water or fresh juice, for self service
  • If you have a mixed waiting and relaxation room and can’t change this fact, a sign advising  guests to show consideration for the others who may want to relax after the treatments, might be a good idea
  • Place cosy and warm blankets on each lounger
  • Have the lights dimmed and lit some candles

Or change some of your loungers into these…and sleep like a baby….

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