New miracle treatment for face and body

We are just about to launch a new miracle treatment for face and body, in our spa at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm; Nannic NBE 3000.  This treatment gives visible reduction of wrinkles and age factors, as well as targeting special areas such as acne, rosacea and puffiness. Nannic uses a carefully selected electromagnetic frequency (1Mhz). These pulsating radio waves easily penetrate the deeper skin layers, the fatty tissue and the underlying muscles without in any way damaging the outer skin. The energy delivered causes the cells to vibrate and generate frictional heat. This then raises the skin temperature by 1.5-2°C, which triggers a multitude of physiological processes such as increased blood flow, activates collagen, reduces pore size and many others. It also generates a biological energy which is stored in the cells as a reserve. The effect is immediate and may be permanent with a range of 5-10 treatments.

We took the opportunity to talk to Beatrice Renner, Manager Beauty, SPA & wellness at Cosmetiqann, (Swedish distributor for Nannic) to find out more about this interesting technique.

Can you describe what is unique with Nannic NBE 3000, and why the results are so exiting?

Nannic NBE 3000 concept is the result of years of medical research. It’s safe, painless treatments for smoother, younger and more resilient skin.

How fast can you see results? After one treatment?

The most fantastic about Nannic NBE 3000 is that it shows amazing, visible results! Even after only one treatment.

For example, in one facial treatment you can receive a combination of following skin improvements on wrinkles-, flaccid skin-lifting, pore refining, acne, couperoses, dark circles under eyes, eye bags, hyper pigmentation and even fat reduction ( double chin).

Can everyone go for a Nannic treatment?

Yes, everyone can do it! It does not matter what skin type, complexion, or what age you’re in. The younger ones want to maintain their youth and the more mature wants to reduce or simply strengthen the skin. Some people just take the treatments because they are so relaxing and comfortable!

You work with Nannic fulltime. What is an “ordinary” day at work like for you?

I’m very fortunate and lucky to have such a stimulating and various work. My work contains of training and support. I do regularly quality checkups to make sure that the treatments are top notch. I’m also responsible to create and combine treatments for my clients (spas and salons).

What is your favorite part/ problem/issue to treat with Nannic?

My favorite part is to solve any kind of “issue” whatever it may be…it doesn’t matter if it’s Face or body, wrinkles or cellulites…It’s amazing to see the visible improvements on the skin during the treatment…

To find out more about Nannic NBE 3000:


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