The perfect spa receptionist?

I have been on a project recently ( and have been recruiting spa receptionists for the awesome spa here.  I was asked what is required to be the perfect spa receptionist?  Where do I start!

In many hotels I have visited the hotel has merely recruited reception staff not based on their skills, but on their looks!  Sad but true!  So what REALLY makes a great spa receptionist – the main criteria for me are personality, confidence, organisation and communication.

A great spa receptionist oozes personality from the warm welcome to the big smile to the heartfelt farewell.  They have the confidence to know their spa menu inside out, their therapist teams individual skills and abilities and the confidence to pick the best treatment for each and every guest.

The spa receptionist is the ‘spider in the web’ of every spa – they oversee reception and the bookings and ‘control’ the guest flow, so organisation skills are essential.  They also manage all the elements of the spa web – the therapists and the attendants to ensure everything is running smoothly and seamlessly with every guest.  Let’s not forget that a great spa receptionist will manage the bookings in a way that will maximise the spa business!

Of critical importance is communication.  Communication with guests, staff and management.  Asking guests the right questions to ‘guide’ the guest towards the best treatment for them specifically, communication with staff so everyone in the ‘web’ knows what is going on!

You will know a great spa receptionist when you meet one.  They will be the one who opens the door for you, before you arrive.  They will know your name even though you have never been to the spa before.  They will book the right treatment for you – what you need right now.  They will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and totally cared for at all times and they will do all of this in such a warm and genuine way that you feel like you are royalty!

I have been very fortunate to have worked with many great spa receptionists and the ‘great ones’ are a joy to work with.  I just wish there were more Monica’s, more Amor’s, more Josefin’s, more Ahmed’s, more Pat’s, more Heba’s and more Ning’s!!



7 thoughts on “The perfect spa receptionist?

  1. Very well said Michael. Spa Receptionist are definitely more than a pretty face: they are like the control tower of an airport making sure that check in & check outs are as pleasant, fast and efficient as possible.

    You are right when you write that they have an influence on the profitability of the spa when:
    – they book wisely the high-margin treatments on the best timeslots (instead of a 60mn waxing for instance on a Friday evening)
    – they know how to upsell and cross-sell to expand the client’s experience with the Spa’s Signature treatments.

    In a way, great Spa Receptionists are “Reservationists”… 😉

    Jean-Guy de Gabriac


  2. how can i apply to get that position.. im here in abudhabi looking for a job in the spa company.. i will send my cv if you wanted..
    thank you


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