The spa industry future is bright – if we want it to be!

The February issue of Pulse Spa Magazine is now out, and Anna Bjurstam has written about The Wellness Shift and how Spas can keep up with the change.

Below is an extract of Anna’s text.

The spa industry future is bright – if we want it to be!

The trends and research shows that we are in the midst of a shift and it is up to each and everyone working in the industry to embrace the shift and develop your spa, or to stand still and watch others pass you by. More and more spas are adding “wellness” to its name calling it “spa & wellness” and we might in the future see the “spa” slowly disappearing. Although the below study is from 2012, it is still valid showing the relationships between various wellness offerings. In this context spas are only 10% of Beauty & Anti-aging, and 15% of Fitness and there is no doubt that the three fields are reaching out to each others and slowly merging in various forms. Will the spa industry be leaders and bring in beauty, fitness, nutrition etc. into spas or is any of the other fields going to lead the way and take market shares of the spa industry?

Wellness shift

Anna also writes about trends and opportunities (in nutrition, fitness, beauty…) for the spa industry to consider. Some of the opportunities that Anna talks about are;

Health and wellness packaged food

According to Euromonitors study “Understanding the global consumer for health and wellness 2012” this is a USD 628 billion market – i.e. 10 times the spa industry.

  • Cosmeceutical : topical beauty products which combine cosmetics and pharmaceutical properties and contain biologically active ingredients which have a cosmetic effect on the user.
  • Nutricosmetic – ingestible beauty products (dietary supplements, food and drink) that have been developed to promote healthy skin, nails, hair and general beauty
  • There is a growing market for teas for radiant skin, teas that helps you sleep, chocolate that makes you beautiful, supplements for strong nails etc.


  • Given the market size of the health and wellness packaged food industry there is definitely a business opportunity in this sector, which spas have not picked up on yet.
  • To help introduce new wellness food offered in your spa, consider packaging nutricosmetics or cosmeceuticals with your spa treatments. Package treatment and food together in your spa menu!
  • Put health and wellness packaged food, such as dried blueberries, health chocolate, teas etc. in your retail area so the guest and continue the spa experience at home.
  • Choose wisely! According to Euromonitor organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly that further offer “instant” gratifications such as weight control, slimming, hair growth and immune support are top sellers among health and wellness packaged food.

For more trends and opportunities follow this link to read full article, published in Pulse (February issue)

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