Growing people is the key to grow business -Human Capital Management for spas

Right now in our Spa Management Online Course our students are in the leadership module and we are soon to introduce them to Human Capital Management. Even if the subject often sounds familiar to many of our students they have often not yet really started to work strategically with it.

Spa consumers choose from word of mouth, we already know that. We also know that good human resource management is crucial for spas and that this should be a management priority. But just knowing this without planning and take action will not help a spa become successful. The management need to have  a strategic approach to the people working for them and this should be well known and communicated with the team.

I love my staff

How do we keep the team motivated and inspired? How do we get every employee to strive for the business goals? How do we take care of every person and develop them further? How do you manage talent in your spa? How does management communicate with the team? What can the team expect from management? What culture do we create together? How well updated is your team in market and trends and how do you increase knowledge? Does the staff know what the customer need and how does the team together increase sales?

How do you analyze, measure, develop and evaluate people policies and practices, and make your people grow as your most valuable resource?

Raison d’Etre has developed a Human Capital Management (HCM) plan especially for spas, with the five corner stones:
1. Business Objectives and Organizational design (mainly from the business plan)
2. Leadership
3. Talent
4. Culture
5. Market

This plan will answer all the questions above and many more. Creating a HCM plan with business and quality goals for the first time is often thrilling and very inspiring but the hardest part is to take action and really get started. Our students creates a HCM plan as their assignment in the leadership module, but also an annual goals calendar with actions for every step. The key to the HCM plan is that every initiative must be measurable and that makes measurement criteria critical for every goal and action in the plan. If a spa invests in training, there must be a strategy to see how successful this training was through staff questionnaires and shop percentage (goal and actual) or average sales.

To implement this plan and all measurements requires an initial investment in time, but once done, the spa has a very proactive approach to keep down staff retention and further develop their staff.

As this often is the module where our students grow the most I really look forward to follow their development. Best of luck to all of our ambitious students!

Ps. There might be a new chance to sign up for the course this spring, let us know if you are interested.



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