28 days of Ayurvedic treats

Our Training Director Isabella dos Santos has recently done a Panchakarma in India, and we are all curious how it was? So, Isabella has written a few words and thoughts about her month in India.

Feeling good after 28 days of Ayurveda treatments in Kerala.bella 1

In the beginning of the Panchakarma programme I felt so tired of all the treatments. I did not have energy enough for regular exercise or staying up late routines. I just wanted to be silent, walk, breath and sit with the received experience of the treatments and how they made me feel.

When you visit an Ayurvedic clinic, you have to be prepared to surrender, your treatments are decided by the Doctor in House and then you will be surrounded by “your team”, in this case three therapists.

Every day started with getting your treatment card at the reception and then wait for the doctor to sit next to you for a daily check up on your health status

–          How was your sleep?

–          Did you go to the bathroom?

–          How are you feeling?

Depending on answers the medication and treatments of the day was decided.

Kind of funny, lots of guests sitting there in their sarongs/lungis, the same color and way of wearing it and waiting for the doctor to give us an audience. And then after the treatment we all looked like drenched cats, but drenched in oil not with water, or looking kind of yellow if we had the turmeric rub on our bodies.

The only treatment that I got consistently every day was the Kalari massage, a traditional and tough massage given by feet. The therapists hang on to ropes from the ceiling to regulate and ease or increase  her weight on my body.

You are naked, so very naked, splashed out on mattress straight on the floor and the therapists pour medicated oil on top of your body before starting the 60 minutes massage. In the beginning I felt self-conscious about it, but as the days passed, I got to know my therapist better and felt safer and could surrender and enjoy the treatment.

All the treatments I received, added warmth to my body or head, there was treats where I was bathed in warm milk and there was treats where they used warm oil, slowly pouring or being beaded onto my body, using herbal poultices. Every day there was 2 hours of treatments; medication was given to support the process

One of my absolute favorites is the Shirodahara, warm sesame oil slowly being poured over head and forehead. It’s a dreamy sensation – where you find yourself after a while floating in inner silence and peace.

The Shirodahara and the other gentle treatments assisted me having better quality of sleep and a sense of being grounded.

The process is still on, even if I left the clinic 12 days ago, so I can’t yet really say  what it gave me, more than I feel energized, but in a calm way, feeling centered and at peace and that is a good place to be.

Two weeks after ending the treatments I still feel like I am in the process of change, so it’s not a quick fix, rather the changes in body and mind are being revealed and experienced at a slower pace.




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