Global Fitness trends for 2013

Top ten fitness trends in the world, reported for this year by the authoritative American College of Sports Medicine. Technogym has made a good summary of these trends;1390010_exercise

  • The rise of the fitness professional: Ranked number one in 2013, this trend has been included for the sixth consecutive year. Across the industry, trainers and operators alike are raising the bar in terms of professionalism, through an exponential growth in certification, training and accreditation. 2013 is also the tenth anniversary of the founding of Technogym’s Wellness institute, which has trained thousands of fitness and wellness professionals to date.
  • Strength training: In second place for the second year in a row, strength training is a key focus for people of all backgrounds and ages. It’s widely undisputed to be a fundamental cornerstone of optimal fitness and wellness programmes for most professionals.
  • Body weight training: This new trend refers to strength training exercises that tap into one’s own body weight without the need for free weights. Simpler and more affordable, it allows people to “get back to basics” on the training floor. ARKE, a return to the origins of movement.
  • Concern over child obesity: The widespread epidemic of overweight and obese children continues to be a serious public health problem. In recent years, schools have focused on academic performance and limited time spent on physical education and nutrition classes. The responsibility for growing physical activity among children may fall into the hands of fitness and wellness professionals through, for example, physical activity programmes for staff families within a corporation. Find out more about Technogym’s solutions for Corporate Wellness.
  • Exercise for weight loss: This has always been a key motivation for exercise and of late, the integration between diet and exercise to grow energy expenditure and decrease caloric intake, has been of growing interest to fitness professionals. It is particularly important to design the right fitness programme for each person and build more touch-points between trainer and client to grow compliance.Mywellness key, combined with the mywellness cloud Coach App, is an ideal tool to help operators begin personal coaching services.
  • Fitness for older people: The aging baby boomer generation enjoys a longer life expectancy, but with that comes a higher likelihood of serious health issues. Doctors recommend that these group engage in more physical activity in an ‘Exercise is Medicine’ approach. This is a great opportunity for fitness professionals as this age group tends to have high discretionary income and leisure time. More programmes for both active and less active older adults need to be developed, with particular focus on functional activities.
    Safe, secure and easy to use, Easy Line is ideal for bringing movement to both young and older generations.
  • Personal training: PTs are now being employed in community-based programmes, corporate wellness programmes, hotels, medical fitness facilities and commercial settings – making them more accessible and affordable for more people. PTs are also growing in expertise, with more attention being paid to training and certification.
  • Functional training: Functional fitness is designed to improve the client’s ability to perform daily activities without stress or problems. Particularly well suited to older people it improves balance, coordination and strength and works on specific motor patterns that the client goes through every day.
    Provide the best range of products for functional training with Technogym.
  • Core Training: Core training focuses on the stabilizing muscles of the abdomen, chest and back, including exercises for the hips, lower back and abdomen, which all provide support for the spine. Exercise the muscles of the core improves posture and overall trunk stability, allowing the individual to meet the demands of daily life and their sport of choice.
  • Group personal training: This trend allows the personal trainer to evolve their service by adapting their programmes to small groups of up to four people. Offering small group training can help operators to differentiate themselves, generate additional revenue and provide alternatives for personalised training at lower costs. Kinesis Stations allows you to approach small-group functional training in a fun and progressive way.

The survey was conducted by interviewing more than three thousand certified fitness professionals all over the world to discover the top ten industry trends expected for 2013.


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