Nature + Science= Beauty

New Jurlique Facials recently launched at Nordic Spa & Fitness Grand Hotel, Stockholm.

Earlier this year the beauty therapist team at the Nordic Spa & Fitness at Grand Hotel, Stockholm  spent an inspiring week together with Claire Groves, Trainer for Jurlique. It was the start and preparation for the New Facials at the spa.  GH-Spa-02_535527c

And now, finally the Jurlique Facials are launched and you can now experience complete Signature Jurlique Facials in Stockholm. We have chosen to work with Jurlique because of the quality of the products, the purity of the ingredients and the impressive results. Not only do we get great results from the products, but the ingredients are pure and biodynamic.

The brand has its own farm where they grow plants that are then found in the skin care products. The farm is certified biodynamic. The ingredients from the farm are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. On the farm the plants live a pampered life. Jurlique’s founders searched the world for the richest, cleanest earth on which to establish the farm. They found it in the Adelaide Hills. Today, this pristine environment is home to a wide variety of plants, herbs and flowers that lend their natural power to Jurlique’s high performance blends. Jurlique is the only Australian beauty brand with an own certified biodynamic farm (certified by NASAA, National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). The farm follows strict organic and biodynamic farming principles in order to achieve the accreditation. To preserve the perfection of nature, plants and crops are picked and sorted by hand. By working with nature and never against it, the idea is to foster richer soil which means healthier plants, potent extracts and more efficacious products.

As Jurlique say; “You can’t manufacture pure skin care, that’s why we grow it instead”

At the Nordic Spa & Fitness you can experience a variety of Jurlique Facials, all of them boosted with the spa’s own signature steps. The therapists are there to ensure you get a truly tailor made facial according to your needs, no facial will be exactly the same…Isn’t that what really good facials are all about; true craftsmanship.

For more information: and

Below some pictures from our training earlier this yearJurlique

We had a lot of fun during the training!

bild (4)A focused team of beauty therapists listening to Claire


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