Spa meeting Europe & Africa

I have just returned from Hotel Mazagan in El Jadida, Morocco after two days of intensive business meetings. I had 22 meetings of 25 minutes each. This Spa meeting was primarily for project holders and buyers to meet suppliers and product companies from Europe and Africa. The concept is one to one speed meetings lined up with 5 minutes breaks between each meeting. It is quite intense but very efficient. I would say that at least 90% of all the meetings were fruitful. All the connections I made were great for networking and exchanging ideas. Some that will be interesting for current projects and operations, others for the future.

Spa meeting

I would like to mention a few very interesting suppliers / sellers that I met:

Nohem Ethic Creation represented by Noemie de Goys and Severine Guichon. Nohem proposes 13 body and face treatments gathered from all around the world (Africa, Asia and Far North). All their skin products are organic and fair-trade, and eco design is applied in all aspects of manufacturing.  They are also involved in various NGO projects for women and children in South America.

I had some interesting conversations with Patrick Saussay, International developer for Evian Spa. Patrick explained that the Evian spa concept tells the story of the miraculous journey into the heart of the mountain, to attain balance both in body and mind, after having enjoyed a relaxing environment wherein water is present at all times, in all its forms. Their architecture and design is inspired by the mountain’s curves, as if shaped by water, intended to reinforce the sense of letting go, of restful breathing, and alpine tranquility. In this space that exists in communion with nature, guests are invited to revel in a real sensory experience: A spa lighting that follows the rhythm of the sun cycle, sound interaction, special aroma signatures, are all part of this journey for the senses.

Sammy Gharieni showed me his collection of treatment tables and equipment from Gharieni. He spoke passionate and showed pictures of very sleek and stylish minimalist designs. Their prices are also competitive to other suppliers of spa equipment. I will definitely propose some of their equipment to my future projects.

I am looking forward to visit more spa meeting events in the future as I think this is a great format for efficient personal meetings.

/Michael Simonato
Regional Director Africa & Middle East


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