Iliopsoas connected to an expression of the survival response (stress)?

Pain in the lower back is a very common reason for visiting a massage therapist and many times the therapist concludes that the real reason for the lower back problems is a tense hip flexor. Aha, you think you got it….and you start analyzing and ticking off all your daily behavior you think is the villain and cause for your problem. You sit too much, you do exercise without stretching your muscles enough, you eat the wrong food and the list goes on in your attempts to find the reason.

You think you found the cause and you start stretching and you even take it further, cause the pain in the lower back just doesn’t go away, resulting in more visits to other therapists or alternative doctors that can manipulate and stimulate iliopsoas in different ways and methods, all in attempts to resolve the problem.We tackle the issue believing that there it’s a mechanical problem that needs to be tended to and fixed; we only have to find the right specific method that do the trick.

Sandra orangeReading Liz Koch article “Iliopsoas – the Flee/Fight muscle of survival” (link to article below) you get antoher perspective. Interesting thoughts and research claiming that the iliopsoas muscles are living tissue expressing and signaling important data for perception as it lays deeply imbedded into our spine, reaching up to the 12th  thoracic vertebras creating the bridge that connects our lower and upper body, the link that attach us to gravity and the force that align us as upright beings.

The muscle is linked to our instinctual survival mechanisms (flee/fight) and therefor very much effected by stress hormones. So instead of poking the tense muscle, it would be better to have a more holistic approach, looking at the bigger picture; our inner and outer reality. Maybe it’s time to stop looking for mainstream solutions on how to live our lives and start telling ourselves the truth about ourselves!

We highly recommend to read this article:




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