A Thai Treat with Number One Massage therapist Mr Jaruun

Just visited Thailand and had the good fortune to meet and have several treatments sessions with Mr Jaruun – as it says on his uniform Number 1 Thai Massage therapist.

The 74 year old man have been giving Thai-massage for 40 years and have developed his own style of practice

His session can very well turn into 3 hours sessions, because that is how long it takes to really work in detail on the whole body.

First time meeting him he instructs me proudly that his massages are long and very different from the common Thai massage you can find at the beach or at the massage parlors along then main streets of every tourist city in Thailand.

And….he was very right, he works soft with his palms along the Sen lines, like he is opening the pathways and also preparing my body softly for the soft stretches that will follow.

Mr Jaruun always take 3 clients a day, not more, not less and when I ask him if he gets tired he says: “ it is important to breath out giving a stroke or when giving pressure.

He also very much uses his own body weight, rocking his body from side to side, distributing his weight gradually and gently into my body.

He take his time working up and down my spine using palms, elbows, feet and knees and then with a gentle stretch – like a slow Yoga posture he stretches my back and I can feel all my cervical vertebrae silent, smoothly realigning and the stiffness that had kept my head from turning without hesitation is gone.

Ending the session Mr Jaruun invites me to sit opposite to him  and he recites a prayer in Thai and then spontaneously from his heart a translation in English where he simply and lovingly asks for health, balance and that harmony will be present in my life.


Rooted in the Indian Ayurvedic medical practice, Thai Massage is one of many forms of Oriental bodywork based on energy balance theory of health and healing.

The Chinese system of acupressure is an obvious influence. Thai massage focuses on the ten major sen lines by palming and thumbing along these energy pathways.

According to this theory, the human body contains a field of energy within it composed of 72,000 sen lines, ten of which hold top priority.

The Chinese meridian theory calls this energy “Qi” and the Indian Ayurvedic system of nadis refers to it as “prana”. It is believed that blockages in the flow of this energy manifest in discomfort, disease and pain.

 Most ailments then are the result of an imbalance in these meridians, whereas free flow along the sen lines leads one to feel energetic, relaxed and free from stiffness and pain. Working pressure points along the sen lines releases blockages of energy and increases energy flow, thereby helping to restore balance, the key to good health. Well-being can be restored and maintained by rhythmically working along the ten sen or vital energy conduits.
This sacred philosophy was taken directly from the teachings of Yoga. Thai Massage is very rhythmic and meditative, enabling both the client and the practitioner to reach a deeper level of consciousness.


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