Spa Manager Course – A road map to your goals

Spa team in MaldivesMany years ago, on a remote island in the Indian Ocean, I was sitting in my tiny office, confused and stressed. I had a great number of documents to fill out; reports, marketing plans, sales plan for spa packages, manning guides, budgets…all essential tools and working documents. I knew the importance of them and I was extremely worried how I would find the time to actually complete all of them and present them to the management. At the end I managed to do it, I somehow tied it all together but it took many hours of late night shifts and valuable hours of sleep. It was my first spa manager position, on a beautiful spa resort in the Maldives. I had been in leadership positions before, but this was my first job as a spa manager. I quickly realized the complexity of a spa manager’s role. Today I realize that the many late hours in the office would have been less if I would have had a clear road map and a clear structure on how to use the documents and why they would all help me to achieve my objectives. Well, it’s all about learning by doing…and we all go through different challenges in our first manager roles, but there are ways to simplify life and ways to be prepared. Preparation and structure will certainly release more time for other things in life!

Raison d’Etre’s Online Spa Management Programme would have been the perfect solution for me at that time. I was far away from home, with no possibility to leave my job for studying, but still in need of knowledge and inspiration. If I would have had the opportunity to attend an Online Course I could have watched the lectures and completed the assignments whenever I wanted and had the possibility. But mostly it would actually have saved me time. The Raison d’Etre On line Spa Management Programme is created the way that throughout the course you actually produce a complete business plan for you own spa, with budgets, marketing plans, plans for staff development (HCM plan) etc. As I would have worked with all these tools, I would have got feedback on my work from senior spa industry experts. So even if it would of course have taken me time to study, in one way it would also have saved time, as I would have been working on my “real” documents that I needed for my job. A hands-on, reality based education!

Ipad small Raison d'EtreThe Spa Management Course is created by us; working today at Raison d’Etre. We have all been working as spa managers in day spas, resort spas, salons and wellness centres. We have a lot of operational experiences and truly understand the challenges that occur in this job and we know that time is essential and often limited. Therefore we created a tailor made course for the spa manager of today, a course that is possible to do parallel with your job. A course that will help you right away in your job and involve you. You will work with real-life cases, meaning your own spa. We believe very much in what Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.

Are you curious to find out more, browse to our website where you will get more information how it works! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the education.


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