For the future spa leader

Raison d’Etre launches new material for the Autumn Online Spa Management Program. 

-We constantly work with updating the course, as the spa market and spa trends are rapidly changing and we want to offer an education that responds to the spa market needs and is created for the future leader; a leader that knows how to adapt to changes and can lead with confidence and flexibility, says Annika Jackson, MD Raison d’Etre.

Among the news for this year is an updated lecture on current spa market trends by Anna Bjurstam, Vice President for Six Senses Spas and Founding Board Member for Global Spa and Wellness Summit. Anna is frequently travelling the world and has a unique sense for global spa- and wellness trends.

A great number of spa management students come from hotel spas and therefore the marketing module is extended with a special lecture about marketing strategies and actions on how to create a dynamic co-operation with the hotel’s guest service-, sales and marketing department.

Another update is the extended focus on Human Capital Management (HCM). As a support plan to the business plan, the program includes creation of a HCM Plan for spas, a strategy in how to grow people as the most valuable investment and maintain, reward and develop talent within the team.

–Working with HCM is very often a real eye-opener and a paradigm shift for our students and we have responded to their demand by developing this module even further, says Josefin Rooth Education Manager.

The complete program includes 7 modules that guides the student towards a new management strategy. The business plan is created for every participants “own” spa and individual feedback and revisions offered by our senior industry experts. Students receive individual guidance and support during the whole course and the teacher team of Raison d’Etre challenge them to re-think their ideas and create newly!

”The course made me re-brand my spa business and get more into details. It is amazing how much has changed with your help”
”This course made me rewrite my business strategy, so I will definitely benefit from these new skills in my current and future work”

The individual approach makes the course suitable both for students who wish to take their next step in the career and become spa managers, but also suitable for spa managers and spa directors who are already in a management position. The individual support and feedback throughout the course makes the education unique on the market and suitable for all levels. Approximately 65% of the students are already in a management position when they attend the Online Spa Management Course.

– Many of the students are afraid that they will not have enough time to study, but soon realize that our reality-based studying is no different from work and business planning, except that they get professional support and individual coaching in the process, says Josefin Rooth Education Manager.

Next courses starts 6th of October and 17th of November. You can register by contacting, Josefin Rooth  at Space is limited, each course allows for a limited number of students.


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