Spa Education: Behind the scenes – How it all started

5-slider_annaMany years ago we put the first seeds in the ground for what was going to be our future Spa Management Program. The first seeds and ideas resulted in classroom-courses, held in different locations. After years in spa operations and openings we were longing to share our experiences. In one way the actual training was no new for us, as we have always included a spa manager training for each spa opening, but from now on it was formalized into a course with students gathered in a classroom.

One of Raison d’Etre’s aims has always been to stay ahead of trends and follow the market carefully and adapt and adjust to changes and needs. After a few years with the “Classroom Spa Manager Courses” we started to sense a need of a change; People’s lifestyle had changed and the technology developed fast and improved.

One day in the office, Anna Bjurstam said to us:
-Ok, it’s time that we do some changes; we are going to launch our Spa Manager Course on-line. And when Anna has plans, it sure happens. And she had a clear plan and a vision; to share our expertise and knowledge with even more people.

There are so many talented people out there, working in spas, ready to grow and develop, but they may not have the possibility to take time off from work to travel long distance to attend a course. They may not be able to leave their families for the time or use vacation time for studies. So we started to create a solution for them!

No time was wasted and deadlines were agreed, subjects were divided among us in the team, everyone working with the subjects that we are most passionate about. We revised the current classroom-program and created new material for each module in the course to ensure that each subject has the contents that we, as former spa managers, find most valuable in real life.

Many creative workshops and discussions later and after hours of research and writing we finally had all the material gathered and it was time for filming the lectures, which after hours of editing ended up in a complete spa manager education.

The work did not stop here and I, as one of the members in the teacher team, certainly would like to say that now the fun and most rewarding part started for us! Read our coming blog post to find out what a few of our teachers have to say and learn how they work with the course!


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