Spa Education: Behind the scenes -Thoughts from the teacher team

Marketing MariaMaria Nystedt; Marketing, PR and Social Media lectures

“The best part in my job with our Spa Management Program is the coaching part. The course has a coaching and individual feedback approach and method, meaning that each student creates a business plan for the spa they work in. After going through the course and its 7 modules, a real business plan is created by each student. The business plan is sent to us and we will give individual support, comments and help to improve the business plan and ensure it reaches up to the level that is needed.

I would say this is the part I enjoy most because I get to know spas around the world, see their challenges and efforts and also see the creativity that each spa manager student has, but sometimes just need a bit of help to actually use it. With my feedback I try to help the student to think differently or out of the box. When I receive back the marketing plan  (part of the business plan) a second time, it is in most cases at a new level, with a new and clear strategy.

I also love helping the students to become more analytic to figures and draw conclusions and create actions. As I’m a marketing person I also stress the importance of the ground work… the base. You have to do your research about the market, the customers and the competitors before deciding what you will offer!

The great part for me, as a teacher is really to see how the student’s business plans develop and become so much more straight to the point and accurate, during the course.”

JosefinJosefin Rooth, Education Manager

The one person at Raison d’Etre who has most contact with the students is the Education Manager Josefin Rooth. She is the first contact, she helps to organize all practical issues, supports the students and help them during the way. She is also one of the teachers who gives feedback and coaching on the student’s business plans. Josefin really knows the course by heart.

What do you enjoy most in your work as Course Manager? Why?
“I enjoy seeing the development of the students when we challenge them to think differently than they have before. It is also great when students get that “aha”-moment” and realize that to reach success you first have to set the destination and then have a clear strategy, with measurable goals. The final module, the business plan creation is also so much fun, because everything they have learnt and all new ideas they have come up with is put together and implemented in reality. It is fantastic to be a part of that process!

And also, of course, the appreciation, wonderful feedback and positive energy we get back from the students is amazing – it as a true pleasure to work as Education Manager! I also learn a lot from the students along the way, so it is really an exchange of growth and ideas.”

Which part do you find most interesting and important in the course? Why?
“All parts are important since they go together; all is needed to reach the final module and exam, the business plan. The business plan is of course the most important part, since the students, by the end, have created their own plan and strategy ready to implement in the spa.

What I though feel might be the most interesting is the Leadership Module and the Human Capital Management planning, which often is new to the students. I remember the first time I was introduced to it. It suddenly felt that all of my thoughts, goals and plans on leadership, communication, how to improve the guest experience, building team culture, increase  talent and make people grow – suddenly was put in the right place, in a clear structure. And not only that, it ‘”forced me” to start measuring my leadership success and to plan for each goal and action for the coming year. The Human Capital Management planning made me realize that everything cannot happen at once and it also helps me to prioritize.”

You will have the chance to get to know others from the Teacher Team throughout the fall, with some more blogs from our team. Follow us here or Facebook and LinkedIn to be updated and inspired!


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