News from the Spa World

News, ideas and interesting things related to spa operations approaches Raison d’Etre all the time – but some of the things stands out. I recently participated on SpaMeeting Dubrovnik and wanted to share some highlights from there mixed with some other interesting things that recently have popped up!

Aqua cycling is getting popular!

As a follower of Soul Cycle spinning trend, the very successful concept of Aqua Cycling from New York is now spreading over the world. We see a good example of the ‘pedal in water trend’ in France; through AquaLikes (from Corpoderm) individual Aqua biking cabin, with lots of benefits and can be great to use before a massage treatment, as part of a detox program, after skiing, for elderly people or as social activity for the younger generation in spas.

SpaStream Emotional Experience

A beautifully designed Vichyshower (By Italian Aquademy) with a horizontal shower massage system that provides a “rain-bar massage” with, and also without – a therapist. The 1200 nozzles, temperature, chromotherapy and pressure is set in 16 different programs, but can also be tailored to personal treatments and protocols. Please watch this video to experience:


I had the privilege to meet with Marion and Chemin at SpaMeeting Dubrovnik where they launched a new beauty machine. Electro Medical Systems has been around for more than 30 years developing medical health care equipment, and are now for the first time launching an aestic device, specifically addressed to beauticians, the SWISS CELLVIBE. Non-invasive, safe and with no side effects and clinically proven to reduce cellulites by one grade in 8 treatments. Great design, easy protocols and proven result documentation. Keep an eye on them, I guess they will launch more aesstic solutions in the future!

Beauty beyond Cosmetics

Swedish FOREO with its LUNA Beauty device for deep face cleansing and anti-ageing is a true spa retail booster. We have tried it, and we love it. They have just launched the beauty device in hotel rooms, to become just as essential as the hair dryer. When the guest falls in love with the LUNA in their room – they will buy it from the spa. Let’s see if this emerges, very interesting!

Spa Scent Solutions

The French company Laboratories Camylle provides spas with natural scent solutions in all kinds: for sauna, steam bath, showers, ice-fountain, whirlpools etc. They have now also developed a ‘scent filter’ to be used instead of diffusers or aroma lamps, that is just easily put in the ventilation systems and flows naturally in the air!




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