Spa Management student working and studying in Davos

IMG_0688Meet one more of the students from the Spa Manager Online Program that is currently running; Izabella Kummer. Izabella is working as Spa Supervisor for InterContinental in Davos.

Why did you choose Raison d’Etre Spa Management Online Program? I first got to know Raison d’Etre as a spa consultancy company and I got a very positive impression about their work. They seemed to be professional and updated about the latest global spa trends. Beside my MScBA Tourism study I wanted to gain more knowledge about the spa world and something more practical and hands on. I was very concerned about having enough time for studying, but since everything is online this problem was easily solved.

The course started a while ago, how was the start? The start was very interesting, especially the marketing part. It was very inspiring. It was also right away helpful for me in my daily work at the spa.

How do you find the course so far? I think it is a perfect mixture of theory and practice. Even though I’m working in spas since years some things are still new to me and some things are just good to hear again as they reassure my personal opinions and theories.

Which subject are you working on currently? Currently I am working on the Finance part, which I find very important.

When do you normally study, watch the lectures (videos) etc? Usually I watch the videos at night (after work), because they are rather easy and entertaining and I write my assignments during the day.

What subjects / areas are you mostly looking forward to study during the course? Marketing, finance and leadership.

Do you have any advice to those who are considering participating in this course? I can highly recommend the Online Program to everyone who is already working in the spa business and considering to step into a new role. I also think it is useful for those who are already working as spa managers, because the spa market is rapidly changing, so it’s always necessary to be updated. The course is good value for your money.

 Thank you Izabella for sharing your thoughts on the Spa Manager Course!


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