New year, new beginnings…

… is often equalized with planning and setting strategies. And talking about planning, have you set your spa’s marketing plan for 2015, including a plan for social media actions?

Today, social media is so important and such a big part of a company’s overall strategy, so it is a must to set a clear strategy for all activities in various social media channels. Social media has truly revolutionized the marketing field and there are unlimited possibilities and a lot of marketing action since social media can be almost free, but it can be very time consuming, so you have to handle it in a smart way, not to be overwhelmed. Therefore you have to set a clear strategy, now where and when to be active and you also have to know in which channels your target customers are present.

Sabine, one of the teachers in our Spa Management Online Programme shares some wise words about a spa’s need to set a strategy for marketing efforts in social media. Watch this video, a taster from our Marketing Course, which is a part of our Spa Management Online Program.

Want to learn more?
Join us for the first course of the year and start 2015 with a new beginning that might lead to your next step in the career. The course is filled with inspiration and tools, not only for managing a spa but also on a more personal level such as how to grow as a leader. Our first Spa Management Online programme for 2015 is starting 2nd of February.

For more information please contact:

Welcome to a new beginning!

Raison d’Etre Team


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