Sauna Bathing – A mindful journey

The Nordic Sauna culture is about much more than just sitting in a little hot room. It is a true mindful journey. Sauna bathing does not only clean the body but also purifies the mind; the sauna is a place for contemplation and rest. 

Normally talking is not welcome in the sauna, visitors should enjoy the silence.  The proverb “in the Church and in the Sauna we should behave in the same manner” says a lot about the importance tied to sauna bathing in the past.  Noise and profanity are highly unacceptable in these healing places.


A sauna bath is a meeting of the four elements of nature: earth, fire, air and pure water. The pouring of water on the hot stones in Finnish is called “löyly”, meaning spirit and is seen as an act of sacrifice.  This act allows a person to experience the spirit of the sauna and the steam that is produced is called “the breathe of the spirits”.

The löyly should be long and soft and feel like an embrace of your soul.  In the sauna buckets of birch branches or pine are placed to nourish the water and heighten the sensory experience.  For this act to be performed properly water should only be poured over one stone at a time.  The last person to enter the sauna should be the one to pour the water.

Taking time in the sauna is a Nordic necessity of life which can enhance ones personal lifestyle. It is performed to live a long, healthy life and to find deep relaxation – for inner health and outer beauty. The sauna is a part of the Nordic Bathing where a cold dip in Coloured background - logo in colournature, a cold bucket shower or rolling in the snow are added after the sauna bathing to complete the mindful sensation. The feeling is often described as euphoric and is an important part of the Nordic Wellbeing Cencept in our LivNordic Spa & Wellness Brand.


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