Focus on “why”

Maria blogg RDEStarting off the a new week with some wise words from our Junior Project Manager Maria Stanislavova.

Sometimes with daily routines, challenges and reactions, one can lose a perspective on things and focus can get blurry. As Anna Bjurstam said during one of our Raison d’Etre Days “regardless of where we are and what it is that we are doing, it is always crucial to remember “why” we are doing it”. That stayed with me, as I believe that is what helps us get a direction and keep our minds and hearts on our inner purpose. Every person is incredibly talented in their unique way, even if some talents can seem similar, they are still not 100% identical. Just like with fingerprints and leaves, there are no two that are the same.

In my understanding the purpose of each person is to realize their uniqueness and give it power to manifest in our world. Creations that come from making our dreams into our purpose, is what brings more beauty and balance into every day. Keeping our thoughts, words and actions aligned is like medicine for the soul.

These days, as spring wakes up the nature, it would be wonderful to let it also warm up our purposes within us, keep the proactive “why” in focus and balance thoughts, words and actions, when it comes to every little thing we do.



One thought on “Focus on “why”

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