Do you have the skills to lead your spa team into success?

There is a great saying about learning, that is often used in schools and when it comes to pedagogics for children.

”Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” 

We love this quote and it applies very much to how we have created the Spa Management Program.

We love to share our knowledge, but we also know that you learn for life when you are involved in the process. That is why our Spa Management Program includes a creation of a complete business plan for your spa. A business plan created by you. This is a “hands-on approach” that you can immediately apply to your daily work life.

Great Spa Managers leads from the front, not from the office. What does this mean? It means that it is necessary to be out there in the operations, engage with the team and the guests, to fully understand what is going on. But as a spa manager it is equally important to understand your business, figures and budgets. Do you understand all your KPI’s? Are you fully comfortable in analysing your budget, so you know which actions to take?

To lead a successful spa you need to have all your plans in place and we can help you with that.

In our Spa Management Program you get all necessary tools and knowledge to become a great leader. You also get a deep understanding of how to work with business plans and budgets.

During the course you will prepare your own business plan, budget, Human Capital Management plan and Marketing plan for your own spa. All this will be reviewed by senior industry experts, whom will give you individual feedback and guidance on your work. How good is that? Not only will you develop your business and leadership skills, at the same time you will work on a complete business plan for your spa.

Next chance to attend our Spa Management Program is 6th of April. There are still a few openings left. For more information contact:

Curious to find out more? Watch Sabine, one of our teachers and Raison d’Etre’s Project Director, talk about the importance of understanding your business.


4 thoughts on “Do you have the skills to lead your spa team into success?

  1. Getting on the field is what I love most. In which, I can be able to watch my team while they perform and at the same time ensure that they are doing it right. I love the idea of getting more ideas about ding a perfect spa business plan. 🙂


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