Swedish Massages at it’s best

Our Swedish Massages are not just any massage. From the true origin of the Classic Swedish massage by Per Henrik Ling, each of our LivNordic massages has been exclusively developed to achieve a particular effect on body and soul. Our therapists’ use their healing hands with intention. The Swedish Mindful Massage, for example, gently soothes you into a deep calm, and a wonderful, refreshing state of stillness through rocking movements with intention to calm the nervous system. Swedish Detox Massage focuses on relieving soreness and cleaning the system by lymphatic techniques and cupping. The Swedish Deep Tissue Massage recovers and revitalizes, awakening your body to leave with less tension and pain, achieved by deep muscular and stretching techniques.

Our therapists treat every guest as an individual, adapting the treatment to your needs rather than simply following a formula. From our  massage a la carte menu you choose your type of massage, which focus you need and possibly an upgrade to truly tailor the experience. Energy healing is a part of all LivNordic treatments, to make any massage a true healing experience.

Below, a taster form our nordic spa menu:



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