Spa Management – Studying online

Mathilde 1Curious about how it works – from a student’s perspective?

Mathilde is a 25-year-old French girl, who is currently participating in our Spa Management Program. I have asked her share her thoughts on our Online Spa Management Program.

“I was ‘surfing’ on Spa when I read about the distance learning program offered by Raison d’Etre Spas. It immediately appealed to me; Learning at the same time as working!

I really love travelling. Due to this it is hard for me to stay in the same country for a long time, and then of course difficult to attend a course that requires me to be in the same location every day.

Becoming a spa/beauty salon manager has been my goal for the past couple of years. I love being a therapist, but I enjoy even more, the managerial side of it. My dream is to open my own spa, and eventually have a spas in different capitals around the world.

The course is divided in different modules, each one being on a very specific subject such as Marketing, Finance, Leadership etc.Basically all you need to think of before opening your own spa or improving one you already run. The final result of this online course is a complete business plan for your spa.

The course material consists of videos (lectures) that you can watch, written material to study, as well as templates that you can use to do your assignments. After completing an assignment or module, you send it to the teachers and they’ll give you feedback on what can be improved.

I usually study when I’m at home, after work, or when I have some free time during the day. I try to spend an hour or two reading the course material or watching the videos, and adding some ideas to my business plan.

My favourite module is the Marketing and PR as I’m very interested in these two fields. I enjoy trying to understand customer behaviours and their needs, in order to improve a spa’s revenue and reputation.

As it is distance learning it has been very convenient for me. I can continue to travel and be in different countries, but still continue to study on my own and at my own pace. To me it is perfect! But it requires discipline.

I definitely recommend the course, it’s very helpful and insightful regarding how to manage a spa/beauty salon and improve your business to make it successful. What I’m most happy about regarding the course is the possibility to learn specific details about how to manage a spa and how to be a good leader.” / Mathilde

Next Spa Management Program starts 22nd of June. For more information


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