What’s currently going on in the skin care industry?

Ok, we admit, we love skin care. We love skin care products, ingredients, new innovations, new technologies, but most of all we love skin care that is giving results, but in a sustainable way. Skin care that is not harming you or the environment, skin care that is organic and so pure that you could nearly eat it. In fact, that is what happens when you apply skin care… the ingredients do penetrate your skin and eventually enters your body, so you better be sure that what goes in there is pure and gentle for you.


Organic skin care

The trend with organic skin care is still increasing which makes our hearts sing. It’s not a sacrifice anymore; it has become a lifestyle for many.

Last year the brand Urtekram did a market research together with Yougov, which revealed that in Sweden every third person had bought organic skin care and hair care during the last 6 months. It also showed that 3 out of 4 were concerned about the possible negative health effects with ordinary skin care and hair care products More about the research: http://news.cision.com/se/urtekram/r/var-tredje-svensk-koper-ekologisk-hudvard,c9566770 (in Swedish)

Increasing customization

We also see, both in skin care product development and spa treatments an increasing demand for customization. Not only do the spa customer want tailor made treatments, also the skin care programmes and even products should be completely customized to your needs. The products also become more niche, rather than mainstream. Small, niche product areas and specialized treatments are growing. One area that is still growing among most product brands are face oils. In line with the need for customized treatments, we see that the way of diagnosing the skin is becoming more advanced. It ranges from everything from DNA testing, to picture analysis, to diagnostic apps.

According to Euromonitor.com (top four trends in skincare in 2015) the rise of devices in skin care, from cleansing to anti-ageing and electronic face masks is increasing. Beauty companies have been introducing cleansers and lotions that work with the devices and can further enhance their efficacy. These devices has quickly becoming a must-have for many. For example Foreo is a device that has become popular in Sweden, as well as globally.

Quick-fixes vs slow-beauty

We also notice a strong trend of quick fixes, but we still want to highlight that the therapist is, for us, always the key to successful treatments. The therapist is the one to be in the centre. Even though we have efficient techniques and products that can deliver amazing results, we still think; to have a complete treatment there needs to be a dedicated and knowledgeable person creating the treatments and the actual results.

We also have to consider the trend with “quick fixes”. What will it do for our skin in the long run? No one really knows what will happen with our skin in 10 years time with all the new quick fix technologies. We need to step back and look at how ageing occurs in the skin. It does not happen over night, so how could we then remove the signs of ageing in just a few minutes.

Our approach

Natural beauty comes from within”. It might sound like a cliché, but we believe this to be true. A healthy attitude to yourself and your lifestyle will always out-win any amount of product you apply to your body and skin. Just as you would not deliberately eat chemicals, we don’t believe you should nourish your skin with them either. Natural Beauty starts by seeing the beauty that is already present and then supporting it to shine by using products that understand and enhance the body’s natural healing and regeneration abilities.

A natural beauty regime shows that you understand what is good for you and your skin and that you accept and care for your self and your body as it is, rather then trying to turn it into something it is not.


The picture is borrowed from The Organic Pharmacy, a brand with a philosophy that goes very much hand in hand with ours, a brand that we use in many of ours spas.


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