The Art of Spa Menus

Which tool is one of the most important sales tool in a spa? The spa menu! Why? Because it can increase sales tremendously in a spa. Spa menus can be amazingly inspirational and they can also be totally boring. If a spa menu is structured and written in a good way it can really boost the bookings and capture ratio, so let’s look at some basic rules on how to structure your menu.


Do you know your target group and spa guests? First of all, look at your treatment statistics and analyze your guests. Who is coming to your spa and what do they want? This information is extremely important in order to know how to structure the spa menu and what offerings you should include.

It should be easy to find treatments. This may sound very basic, but do some research and look at your competitor’s spa menus. You might be surprised how difficult it can be to find the treatments you are looking for and the price for them.

Ensure your spa menu is written in an easy way. Ask a friend (who is not working in the spa business) to read and give feedback. Ensure that the treatment description includes the benefits of the treatment and the results. The guest wants to understand; what’s in it for me? Research has shown that guests want to understand what the treatment is and the benefit. If you can describe this in an easy, understandable way – you will sell better.

Less is more, especially when it comes to spa menus. Minimize the menu! Any treatment that sells less than 1-2% of total treatments should be taken off the menu. Too many treatments will just be confusing and make it difficult for the guest.

Double check that your printed spa menu and the online spa menu includes;

  • Practical information (regarding the visit)
  • Opening Hours
  • Cancellation policies
  • Other amenities that the guest can enjoy in the spa
  • Contact details

So once the spa menu is “top-notch”, ensure it is displayed and easily available. It might not be in the reception area where the guest has time to actually read the spa menu and be inspired… So don’t forget to display the spa menu in the locker rooms, spa café or the waiting room and relaxation room. If your spa is located in a hotel, ensure the spa menu is also displayed in each hotel room, as well as at the concierge and reception areas.

Spa Menus can be found in all shapes, forms, colors and sizes. Look at your spa menu and ask yourself; What is this spa menu telling my guests about my spa? Is it inspiring, does it reflect our style and philosophy?

It is so important that the spa menu is, not only inspiring, but also reflects what you stand for. As for most guests, the spa menu is the first impression of the spa, and you know what they say…first impressions last…



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