Raison d’Etre welcomes new Area Spa Director to Soma Bay, Egypt

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Tanya Talreja as the new Area Spa Director for Cascades Spa & Thalasso at Soma Bay in Egypt. Tanya has taken over the roll recently, after Nikos Kouremenos, who is now leading Raison d’etre Spa Business Education.


Welcome Tanya to your new position as Area Spa Director in Soma Bay, what is your background?

An International Luxury Spa, Salon & Fitness Developer and Managing Director with a background in development. My experience is chiefly in the luxury spa, beauty, wellness, fitness and spa management field. I have both worked as a spa manager, director, and development director. The companies that I have worked with have references of the best hotels and spaces in the world.

What is your role today and what will be your main focus?

My current role is Area Spa Director for 3 different luxurious spa properties; La Residence des Cascades (soon to be Westin Soma Bay Golf Resort & Spa), Kempinski Soma Bay Hotel, and lastly Robinson Club. Some desks/ huts/ cabanas in the area are also under the companies’ management. “. The spas are operated in co-operation with Raison D’Etre. Each of the hotels mentioned has a spa location that I handle in all aspects.  Developing each wellness property continues to be a long-term goal, turning a client’s spa visualization into a reality through total wellness solution in fitness & wellness approach.

What do you see is unique in Soma Bay Spa?

I think the most notable is the potential for all locations in Soma Bay to become worldwide destination spas. For people from around the world to enjoy the signature services offered. But most notably; one of the spa locations; has facilities that span over an area of 7,500 SQM! It is one of the largest spas in the world. The unrivalled centrepiece of the spa is the 750 m2 Thalasso-Tonic Hydrotherapy Pool containing 830 m3 of sea water, sub-divided into a number of distinct zones.

There is an array of luxurious face, body, water, hair, nail treatments, and even soon to be a healthy spa cuisine and beverage bar to suit each our ever expanding offers for our guests.

What made you decide to start working in Soma Bay Egypt?

I enjoy adventure and working in various places around the world, after my initial visit I discovered the unsurpassed beauty of turquoise waters surrounding the whole peninsula. The beauty was a great seller on taking the position, as well as the amount of creativity, and responsibility that the job provides. Soma Bay is surrounded on all sides by the sea; the resort boasts picturesque sandy beaches, panoramic views of the turquoise colored sea, Desert Mountains and Blue Skies. Including championship golf courses coveted diving and kite surfing activities. Only 4 hours flight from Central Europe, and 45 kilometres from Hurghada International Airport, with year round sunshine.

We wish Tanya and her teams all the best for a successful business and at the same time we welcome new spa guests to discover the beauty and services of the spas that Tanya is leading.


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