Spas located in hotels – Marketing Actions to consider

nordic c hotelIf you are managing a spa, located in a hotel, there are some marketing actions and activities that are particularly important to consider. One strategy to keep in mind is something we call; Internal marketing. One way to describe Internal Marketing is: Promoting the spa to people who already know about your business and actually already works (in a way) for your business.

We are talking about the hotel staff! By also treating them as a type of customer or target group, they will learn about the spa and by that be the perfect ambassadors for your business. So don’t forget about them!

The rationale behind internal marketing is that a hotel or resort spa can, and need to use its own employees (or the hotel employees) to promote the services.

How can this be done? First of all, ensure that you as a spa manager can and are allowed to attend all new hotel staff induction-training sessions. So you can introduce yourself and present your spa and explain the concept, services and the experience. All the new hotel staff should have a tour of the spa facilities. This should be a standard for each hotel and resort spa.

Regularly plan for “Spa News presentations” for hotel staff, so you have the possibility to inform about new treatments and services. It is important that the hotel staff, particularly Guest relations team and Front desk team are aware and updated on all new things happening in the spa. Why? Because they are the ones who meet all your potential guests – DAILY! And they are the ones who can guide the guests to the spa.

By doing mini-training sessions for hotel staff they will feel that they are informed, inspired and involved in the spa business. When you feel you have knowledge and inspiration you can also easily explain and speak from the heart about the services! We believe inspiration and involvement are important key factors!

And why not, in low season, or when spa is less busy, invite hotel staff to experience the spa and the treatments. At least one time, so they can fully understand the service and the experience. Maybe some of the front desk team members never have been in a spa before?

Some hotels work a lot with cross training. Cross training is a great source for motivation and learning, but most of all we see that it creates awareness and understanding among the employees. It creates understanding for each other’s business and daily challenges and it creates a team feeling.

There are much more actions and activities that can be done when it comes to internal marketing. So why not include a section in your next marketing plan that is called Internal Marketing? Which actions would you add to this list?

Would you like to study Spa Marketing more in depth? Raison d’Etre’s Spa Management Program dedicates a great part of the Program to Marketing (internal and external), Social Media, PR and of course we guide you to create a complete business plan. Our last Spa Management Program for the year starts 2nd of November. For more information please feel free to contact Course Manager Nikos Kouremenos at

The picture: An inspiring reception desk and lobby in Stockholm. Picture is borrowed from Nordic C Hotel in Stockholm.


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