Thoughts about opening a new spa

We are happy to have Carolina Moquist as our guest blogger this week. Carolina is Senior Manager Spa & Wellness for the coming LivNordic Spa in Dubai. Carolina shares her thoughts about opening a completely new spa.

image1Coming back to Dubai, after being a way for a few years, I’m fascinated about how much it has changed. Since its development, Dubai Marina has always been my favorite part of Dubai. This is where our new LivNordic Spa & Wellness by Raison ‘d Etre will be located.

We will be occupying the 6th floor in the very prestige Cayan Tower, the iconic building facing Dubai Marina water front, and has been named by “Guinness Book of World Records” to be the tallest twisted tower in the world.

I arrived to Dubai 3 months prior to the scheduled opening of the spa, and had the opportunity to see the spa at an early stage of construction. People had told me that I would be getting a very special feeling for projects which I would be a part of from an early stage. Every time I walk in to the site, new things have happened and I strongly feel that special feeling of what they had all stated. The very unique design elements are slowly coming together and I am able to start seeing the end product.

According to a study commissioned by the International Spa Association, the number one reason guests give for visiting a spa is relaxation and stress relief. So it is important to realize that spas are more than good massages, facials and waxing. For some, spas are a kind of modern- day sanctuary and at LivNordic, we really want to create a home away from home feeling for all our guests.

Key thoughts when opening a new spa:

Spa menu and Products -Our Spa menu will be simple and straight forward, offering a variety of massage to relax and detox as well as traditional and advanced beauty treatments. Fitness, yoga and meditation classes as well as suggestions for a full wellness experience are also included. As we will offer membership opportunities to our guests, we have included attractive benefits such as complimentary spa treatments, fitness classes and beverages as well as discounts on spa treatments, retail items and more. We really want to engage our members to spend as much time as possible in our spa.

The products used are a selected range of organic and proven result oriented high-end beauty and lifestyle products for all of our treatments and guest experiences. All products used will also be available in the spa’s retail store for guests to continue their spa experience at home.

We have selected treatments and products based on market trends, and as we are in a residence tower we are aiming to target guest both internal and external.

Recruitment – The team is the soul of the spa! It is essential to find the right team. I love working with a multi-cultural team as it gives all the staff members a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. We have recruited a multi tasked team who are all interested in growing in their profession and with great passion for spa, wellness and guest service.

Training – I believe this is the key to success and unfortunately this is where I believe it goes wrong for many spas. To have a well-planned training scheduled before the opening is extremely essential. As we are an established spa brand, we are blessed with having amazing internal trainers who will spend time with the team. The product houses will also conduct product and treatment trainings, so it’s very important for spa directors to have a clear idea of what trainings the product houses are able to offer before signing an agreement. To ensure the quality of treatments is maintained after the pre-opening training period, we will be having a dedicated spa trainer who will follow up on refresher courses and host performances.

Spa Business Plan including a Sales and marketing plan, Business Objectives and Goals and HCM plan

Leading a spa is as exciting as it is challenging due to the fact that the product we are offering to our guests are simply our hands. The business plan is a great essential tool to use to lead the spa to success and maximize profitability. To have an organized plan and have clear goals on where we are now and where we would like to go and how to get there and then communicate it to the team, I believe is the way to success.

Stay tuned for more information about the flag ship of LivNordic – LivNordic Spa and Wellness Cayan Tower, Dubai to be open late December 2015

/Carolina Moquist


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