A few words about this year’s Global Wellness Summit in Mexico

GWSIf one had to describe this year’s Global Wellness Summit in one word, it would be “inspirational”, on top of everything else.

All the speakers brought up very interesting discussion points that will definitely impact the future of the Wellness world. Starting from workplace wellness- improvement of working conditions resulting in higher productivity and better quality. Moving on to Holacracy as a way to structure your company, where an employee spends 10% of their time in their primary role and the rest is allocated to multiple business projects (within the company) that the employee is passionate about and works on together with other colleagues. Going to the “uber”-nization of massage world with fresh entrepreneurial thinking of companies like Zeel, where a home massage at a convenient time for you is just a simple click away- again benefiting not only the customer, but allowing a flexible time schedule for the therapist. One leaves the summit thinking about the endless possibilities that are ahead of the wellness world…

It was a pleasure to see that besides all the different opinions and discussion topics, what all the speakers have in common is a higher level of consciousness- a sense of responsibility towards the nature, towards other human beings and very importantly towards ourselves. The speakers outlined the importance of being mindful in everything we do and encouraged different ways of thinking to bring all of us to a better future. A lot of encouragement, a lot of love and a lot of “let’s look for “happy” within, rather than out”.

Mindful + Happy + Scientifically/Technologically Advancing=Limitless Wellness World

//Maria Stanislavova, Project Manager Raison d’Etre

Photo Credit: Global Wellness Summit “Future world leaders talking about searching for happiness within to the world leaders of today”.

Pre-Summit: Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education also hosted a Knowledge Workshop  about how to make training profitable, we will shortly share more about this!


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