One Week before Soft Opening

We are soon to open the brand new LivNordic Spa in Dubai and the Spa Director  Carolina is sharing some thoughts and experiences from her first opening of a spa.

Carolina has also written another interesting blog post for us. Click here.

image1Greetings from Dubai!

We are about one week from the soft opening of our gorgeous LivNordic Spa & Wellness by Raison d’Etre. We are occupying the 6th floor in the very prestige Cayan Tower, the iconic building facing Dubai Marina waterfront. The tower has been named by “Guinness Book of World Records” to be the tallest twisted tower in the world.

The last 6 months, since I arrived in Dubai, has been very hectic and full of interesting experiences. I have been busy with everything from monitoring the construction of the spa, to deciding on spa treatments and products, finding, hiring and training staff and much, much more. As this is the first time I’m leading a spa opening there has of course been some challenging moments. Now, when we are one week from opening I have spent some good time thinking about what I have learned from this experience. Maybe some of my thoughts and reflections can be helpful for you also?

– “Dance around the challenges”. When challenges come up, dance around them to come up with the right solution. If you can’t flow, you are probably too stressed and that’s not the way of running a business. There is always going to be challenges on the way, so dance with them, rather than fight with them. Do your best to create a structure and plan. It will then be easier to let go and focus on the next mission.

– Surround yourself with positive and passionate people, the “can do” people, who have as much passion for what they do as you have!

– Use positive language; in so many circumstances you “get” what you speak, so be conscious of the words you choose. Positive affirmation helps to raise the spirit.

– Spend time with your team – Everyday spend some good time with your team and get to know them really well.

– The importance of maintaining the commitment to quality – Whether it’s a product, service, training or design always seek opportunities to improve yourself and your industry. Set new standards and raise yourself and your staff.

– Keep a clear vision- when things get tough and fear kicks in, remember to keep a clear vision on the goal and the end product.

– Meditate – Regardless to how busy you are, commit to 15 minutes of meditation every day. This can be done in the early morning, together with the team in a morning meeting or even as a perfect end of a very busy day.

– Have fun and enjoy the ride – we sometimes get so caught up in everything that needs to be done that we are forgetting that we are part of creating something very unique. A brand new spa experience!

/Carolina Moquist

Stay tuned for more information about the flag ship spa of LivNordic – LivNordic Spa and Wellness Cayan Tower, Dubai to be open late January 2016



4 thoughts on “One Week before Soft Opening

  1. Yes doing business in uae is much different to scandanavia – please don’t become one of those spas full of little girls going yes mam who can’t carry on a decent conversation except to moan about their relatives back home needing surgery and kids back home because they need thr work in uae. It is interesting first time but not on each visit. Having mature experienced staff is very lacking in uae – try to be different!


    • Thank you Bernadette for your reply. We are trying to be different and we put a lot of focus on training and education. I hope you have had a chance to visit the LivNordic Spa in Dubai.


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