The Northern Light


This weekend the LivNordic team has experienced something spectacular; true Nordic moments that we find hard to be describe in words. While exploring the darkness and light of the Arctic Circle we feel that we once again have rediscovered the Nordic stillness and deep connectivity to nature. Imagine the total quietness of a white forest covered in darkness, just lit up by a fire – in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, the starry sky opens up and invites us to witness the amazing Aurora Borealis (Northern light.) A moment and memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

We were invited to the home of new partners, c/o Gerd, to experience where their story begun and see their creation of organic and Nordic spa and beauty products in the village of Jokkmokk. Their philosophy is to use the best of Nordic flora and fauna, but never without asking nature for permission. Many people we meet during this trip reminds us about just this, the importance to ask nature for permission before lighting a fire, picking berries or chopping down a tree. And being grateful for this afterwards and continue to always be in sync with our natural forces.

We have been spellbound by stories of Sapmi and the Sami people and their connection to nature, native language and beautiful craftsmanship. We have been inspired by a culture where children are taught how to handle the contrast in life by storytelling and being outdoors experiencing the harshness and softness of the landscape.

We have also realized how incredible free you feel while driving snow scooter over snowy open landscapes and how incredibly cold it can get up here, in the very north of Sweden. But the Swedish saying “there are no such things as bad weather, only bad clothes” (which by the way, rhymes in Swedish) is definitely true and there are so much wisdom up here in how to live in tune with the landscape and what other earth brings to us.

I take many things with me home from this trip. The power of nature and how it is a part of the everyday life and the belief in kindness; that we are all born with a warm heart. Last but not least, I will never harvest anything from nature again without asking for permission, and being in agreement with the elements.


/Josefin & Nora


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