“Budgeting for success” in Dubai

Last week Nikos Kouremenos,Nikos Raison d Etre’s Spa Business Education Manager was an invited speaker at the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention in Dubai.

Nikos presented “Budgeting for Success”, as part of the 1st session on the 2nd day The Art & Science of Spa Budgeting . He talked about the important KPIs in terms of budgeting and operation, as well as the different types of budgets depending on the phase of the project- pre-opening, 1st year budget, 5 year P&L and annual operating budget, as well as budget 3-month forecasts. Nikos gave his insight on how to stay on track with the budget and which strategies to follow to make sure you have a successful budget.

The Professional Spa & Wellness Convention is being organized twice a year, once in London and once in Dubai and is one of the biggest conventions and exhibitions of the industry.
Held at the magnificent Meydan hotel, overlooking one of the world’s top horse race courses, it is the Gulf’s number one spa event and it attracts over 200 spa owners, directors, managers, bringing a wealth of knowledge from 30 international & local speakers.
Delegates from around the region and elsewhere had the chance to meet the top spa brands from across the GCC at the exhibition.

Nikos also had of course the chance to visit the LivNordic Spa in Dubai, inside the unique twisted tower, which had just opened up.


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