Meet one of the best therapists… in the world

LovisaWe would like to take the opportunity to present Lovisa Petri, who is a true talent when it comes to beauty therapy and treatments. She won the bronze medal in 2011, in the world champions for beauty therapy in Liepzig. We are proud to have such a talent in our LivNordic Spas. 

What is your background? Why did you choose a career as a beauty therapist?

– You can say that I practically grew up in this business as my parents have owned a spa for over 15 years. I started working in the business long before I even decided to become a beauty therapist. In high school I decided to study to become a nail technician and make-up artist, which I still truly love. But after the education I still wanted to learn more so I went to beauty school. Even though I said as a little girl that I would never work in the same business as my parents… but I’m lucky I decided to go into this business after all.

 You are a truly multi-talented therapist! What is your favorite part of the work?

– I love it all! But most I like working with people and to be able to make them feel better and to always give them the best possible treatment. I never get tired of my job thanks to the variety my profession provides me. I’m doing so many different things all the time.

 You won the world champions in 2011. Tell us about it!

– In 2010 I won the Swedish championship, which gave me the opportunity to compete in Worldskills Liepzig 2011, which is one of the largest competitions in the world for beauty therapists. I became third in this competition. In my skill /area we where 23 people competing from all over the world. We competed for four full days in everything from facial treatments, make-up, nail art, body treatments and massages. Everything was done under pressure of time and with a minimum of three judges who stood beside each participant and analyzed and judged every step. In addition there was a large audience (200 000 visitors) just a few steps away from you. I dedicated months of hard work, preparation and dedication into this and it wasn’t always easy, but it was all worth it when I walked all the way to the podium to receive my “bronze”.

What is the secret to your talent?

– I’m a total perfectionist, but I’m also truly dedicated to my profession and I love doing it.

Why did you choose to start working on board a cruise ship?

– I love to travel, see new places, and meet new people and to do things that grow me both as a person and in my profession. I have wanted to work on board a cruise ship for years and had opportunities before, but then I decided to compete instead. But I still had the dream so now, a  couple of years later I applied to different companies and choose to work for LivNordic Spas, a choice I’m glad I made.

After 7 months with LivNordic, what do you find unique with the spa and the concept of LivNordic?

What I find unique is the wholeness of the concept, it’s a spa that’s build on our old Nordic traditions but also encourage you to a healthy lifestyle and life choices. Some people can’t believe that we in Scandinavia actually roll around in the snow after sauna…and this we do for relaxation. But for us Scandinavians it’s natural and for me it’s a joy to use these old traditions and through them be able to inspire others…

Your best skin care advice for a healthy skin?

– Use at least sunscreen 30 every day. Some of my friends laugh at me because I’m addicted to sunscreen, but we’ll see who’s still laughing in 20 years!



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