New Spa Business Courses – with focus and flexibility

Finally the summer is here, even up in the northern part of Europe. Every year when the summer comes it feels like a new life is beginning and we start living to the fullest, enjoying every single day.
It’ s also a time when energy levels are high and we tend to do more things. Maybe it is also the perfect time to further develop yourself? Why not direct the extra energy that comes with the light and sun and invest in your future? At Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education we offer a great variety of possibilities if you are looking at taking the next step in your spa career, both complete Spa Management Programs, but also shorter Spa Business Courses.

We have just been filming new, inspiring lectures for Marketing, PR and Social Media. We have done this together with Isabel O’Connor from O’Connor Publicity in London. A PR and digital media company that focuses on the wellness, spa and lifestyle sector. This means we have new, updated material and lectures done in co-operation with true experts in the area. Boost your marketing plans and actions with a new perspective and join our inspirational Spa Marketing Course!

IMG_6198Our Individual Spa Business Courses provide the opportunity to study a selected subject, but with focus and flexibility. The most demanded short courses so far are the Spa Marketing (also including, PR, Promotion and Social Media) and the Spa Finance. The Finance course includes all Finance basics for a spa; how to prepare a budget, a P&L statement and how to work with your spa’s most important KPIs. It also includes retail and sales and revenue management and much more. Prices starts from 269 Euros for the Individual Courses and it is possible to start the course whenever you like.

For more information, contact our Program Manager Nikos Kouremenos at

Picture from Igelkott Film’s studio in Stockholm.


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